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routine for a 5mth old Lock Rss

My little boy has just turned 5mths old. I am just curious as to what sort of routines other 5 mth olds follow if any and how much they sleep and eat.
My little boy is 5.5 months old and a typical day for him goes something like this:

6.30-7am - wake and breastfeed
8.30-9am - down for a sleep
10am - awake and play
10.30am - breastfeed then solids at 11am then play
12noon - down for a sleep
2pm - awake and breastfeed then play
4pm - down for a sleep
5pm - awake and play
5.30pm - breastfeed then bath
6.00pm - solids then bottle
6.45pm - bed for the night
9.30pm - rollover feed

...then we start all over again!!.

Hope this helps, I would be curious to see what other 5 month olds are doing.

Mum 2 Cameron

My daughter is 5mths old today (time flies)

8am-9am she wakes up- bottle
11-12 .between 30min and 2hr sleep
5.30-6pm bottle and a solid feed ,i give solids 1st.
8pm- bath
9pm bottle and then bed.

if she sleeps for 2hrs in the morning shes awake til her night time sleep at around 9pm, but if she sleeps 30mins in the morning,then she will have a snooze after her 6pm feed, no longer than 40mins tho.

we do alot of playing when she is awake. she gets cranky when she gets bored.

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My son is 5.5 months and a typical day for him is

4-6am: Wake for breat feed. Straight back down afterwards for sleep (mum too).

8-9am: Wake for next feed. Play for about up to 1 1/2 hour

9am-10am: Sleep. usually last 1-2 hours. Wake up and play.

12-1pm: Breastfeed, followed by lunch. (I don't wait to give him his solids as he won't eat them if not given straight away)
After lunch Has another sleep of 1-2 hours.

3-4pm: Breast feed. Followed by playtime

5-6pm: Tea time
After tea, bathtime.
7pm: breast feed followed straight up by bedtime.
If we go out during the day he will ahve a 3rd sleep, but all his naps from 9am until bedtime total roughly 3 hours.

I've found this suits him and he only wakes up once during the night when his dummy has fallen out or he's kicked off the blankets. If he does wake and won't resettle I'm trying to give him bottled water so he might think its not worth waking so early for a feed.
I'm also interested in what other mums do.

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Thanks for all your replys, its amazing how different all our littles ones are.

My little boy wakes at 6am and has a bottle
7am breakfast (usually fruit & rice cereal)
8 am sleeps for up to 2 hours

10.30 bottle and play
11.30 lunch (vegies and custard)
12.30 sleep for another 2hours
2.30 bottle and play
about 4 he will have another 1 - 11/2 hours sleep
5.30 dinner
6.30 bath, bottle, bed for the night

He usually wakes between 3 and 5 and needs a small bottle to go back to sleep.
Not sure if your little man has a dummy at night, but I've recently found if my husband gets up to him if he wakes at 4am and resettles him he goes back to sleep where with me he thinks if he plays up long enough I'll eventually feed him. So far this week its been working. Maybe even at the 3-5 wake up send dad to resettle him or just give him cooled boiled water, he may then think its no longer worth waking up.

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Hi!! My son is 5 months old TOO!! He doesn't have a strict routine, but a typical day goes something like this ... (bear in mind, I have not structured his day to suit me, he has fallen into a 'routine' of his own accord)!!

8:30-9:00am ... wake up - approx 120-160mL breast milk and a bottle of formula

10:30-11:00am ... breakfast (farex)

11:30-12mid ... bottle of formula

12mid-1:00pm ... usually have a nap anywhere up to one hour

1:30-2:00pm ... breastfeed

2:30-3:00pm ... lunch (at the moment this consists of fruit)

4:00-4:30pm ... breastfeed

6:00-6:30pm ... dinner (just fruit at the moment)

7:00-7:30pm ... bottle of formula

8:30-9:00pm ... bath (or shower which is a LOT of fun)!!

9:00-9:30pm ... bottle of formula and bed (depending how tired my bub is, this bottle feed is sometimes 'skipped')

This may seem very structured to some of you, but if you spent a day with us, you'd see although it is basically folloed everday, sometimes it is very 'LOOSELY' adhered to!!

Sometimes, he'll have a nap before dinner for an hour or so, and if we do a lot during the day, he'll have a extra nap or two!

In the beginning, I thought I was the only one who didn't have a set routine, but now, I don't really care one way or the other! As long as my bub is happy, I'm happy!! And at the moment, I have a very happy little boy ... so NO complaints from me smile

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Hi All,
My daughter is 5 months and I have been following a routine set by Tizzie Hall from Save our sleep. The article was in the Parctical Parenting Mag.

7am - wake and feed play
9am - wrap sleep
11am - feed and play
1pm - wrap sleep
3pm - feed and play
4.30 - short 40 min sleep wrap
5.30 - bath
6.30 - feed
6.55pm - bed
7pm - sound asleep wrapped!!!

she might wake at 5am for her dummy but resettles straight away. With this routine they shouldnt wake at all... is where you can find her information, Tizzie will also assist you in your home if you need her help. There is a charge but you can email her for more details


Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

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