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My son is 7 months old and only speaks gaga babble. When he was 4 months old one morning my partner said good morning to our son and he replied 'good morn' but that was him being a parrot. I wish I knew when my son will say things on his own like mum and dad or any words for that matter.

Bouncing baby boy 17/05/05

Don't worry. My daughter is eight months old and only says dada when she feels like it. I can't wait till she starts talking to me, but she will do it when she is ready. All the other bubs in our mothers group say things especially mum. I can't wait till she says mum, but she will do it one day. Hang in there, he will say it eventually.

Kate, Bree 4/5/05 & Gemma 8/2/07

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