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Large head. Lock Rss

My son is 5 1/2 months old and his head is in the top 97% while his height and weight are at about 20% and 40% respectively.
He looks like he's all head and no body at times.
I find that if I buy him clothes if they come with a hat he'll be too big for the hat and too small for the clothes.
I plotted his head size (from his 4 month checkup) on the graph and for it to be in the 50% range he'd need to be 7months old.
His dad has a big head so I know where he gets it from. And he's always had a big head, it was 37cm born. At 4 months it aws 44.5cms.
I've found too that he wants to sit up by himself but can only do it for a little while as his head gets too heavy and he falls over.
Does anyone else have a bub like this?
Will the rest of him catch up with his head?

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Hi Chukkas,
Luke is 11 months old and his nickname is 'Boofhead'. He also has a large head in the 97%.
He gets it from my husband's father (I assume) who has an enormous head. Luke's head looked the most obviously large between the ages of 4-7 months. I recently caught up with a friend who I hadn't seen for a while and she looked at Luke and said "Oh, he's grown into his head!!" meaning that he now looks much more in proportion. I look back on portraits we had done of him at 6 months and his head looks very large (although at the time I didn't think so...I could only see my beautiful boy).
He's still got a pretty big head (it's the same size as his 4 year old sister's head), but his body is catching up and he does look much more in proportion than he used to.
I'm sure your little boy's growth will start to even out over the coming months. Don't worry too much about it. Their big heads must be filled with lots and lots of brain!!!
I like to think its filled with lots of brains also.
Coming into winter I'm striking a bit of a dilema as to what sort of hat/beanie to get him as I really want one that'll do him all winter. I recently bought him a really cute Winnie the Pooh suit that came with a hat in 00 which was miles to big everywhere except the hat which was way too small.
He also had a photo taken at a friends place just before Easter and was sitting on the couch in between her 2 girls, he actually looked like his head was on someone elses body. I don't see how big his head is until he's next to a bub of around the same age. To me he's just my baby boy that I love no matter what.
Did Luke have trouble when he was learning to sit up? I've noticed the Liam goes really well for a while then its like the weight of his head gets too much for him then he topples over, its cute to watch but frustrating as he now wants to sit all the time.
Its nice to know he'll grow into his head, my husband (who Liam inherited his head from) doesn't look like he has a big head even though he does.
I must say thank god I didn't have to push Liam out as his head was big then too, 37cm.

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Hi again Chukkas,
Can somebody knit a nice woolly beanie for Liam for winter? Or maybe you can buy him one from the older kids section of the shop. My nan (the kids great grandmother) has just knitted my kids a nice beanie each and Luke's fits his head just right. (lets hope his head doesn't grow too big over the coming months).
I had the same trouble with outfits for Luke. I bought him a cute summer outfit before Christmas which was bright board shorts, a cute yellow t-shirt and a hat to match the shorts. I bought it a size bigger than he was in so he could grow into it...but of course the hat didn't go anywhere near even fitting on his boof head!!
Luke's head was normal size when he was born (34cm) but by the time he was 4 months old it looked huge. I have a photo of Luke and a friend's baby boy both at 5 months of age, lying on the floor side by side. When I first saw the photo I thought "Oh my God!!!! Luke's head looks enormous next to Ryan's."
Luke didn't seem to have trouble learning to sit up. He's always had quite a strong neck so maybe that's why!! How does Liam go with rolling and with lying on his tummy? Can he lift his head okay when he's on his tum?
Hi Michelle,
I have thought about checking out the boys section to buy Liam a hat, my MIL and her mum both knit so I might see if the can knit Liam a beanie for winter.
Liam didn't have any trouble learning to roll from his tummy to his back, he did it at 3 months, but I think the weight of his head helped him. Just kidding. We're still mastering back to frant. Has no trouble lifting his head when he's on his tummy. Mind you he doesn't stay on it for long ever since he could roll to his back he does quite quickly.
He sits quite well by himself for a while then I think his neck gets a little tired and he falls over, either forwards or sideways. Though if he thinks that he's actually getting assistance, even though he's not, he can sit for ages.
I have a friend whose little girl is 13months older than Liam and her head is only 3cm bigger.
Other than hats he's really good value for money. In tops and pants I can still get him into 000. Its only the body that makes me put him in 00 in jumpsuits or bodysuits. He's got a long body and short legs.
But we love him just the way he is.
How old is Luke? Is he walking and talking yet?

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Don't worry, my little boy had this problem as well. At one stage (I think he was about 8 months) the clinic nurse said he too was in the top five percent when it came to having a 'larger head size'. I asked a question like 'At what age is he meant to have a head this size and her reply was - 'Some kids never get to that size!!! How did that make me feel!!!!! He is now 1 years old and he no longer looks 'all head'!!!! Apparently with time the head and body even out. On the flip side, I have a friend who worries because her child has a smaller head than normal! I guess as parents we just worry too much!!!

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Hi Michelle
Liam went to the health centre today and had a six month check, weigh in and all the rest. His head is now above the 97% line and is actually 4mm smaller than my friends 18months old. She's 47cm and he's 46.6cm.
I went into K Mart yesterday and bought him a cute little hat with ear warmers, from the boys section. Big W didn't have much in the range unless I wnated to spend $10 on a fairly plain Thomas or Bob beanie, not with his fat head.
I asked my MIL and she said she'd ask her mum to do it, not sure why she can be a bit funny sometimes.
I'm not too worried about his head though as its on the same steady incline as he's always had a big head. Thank god he was a ceasar baby.

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Hi Kristy,
I just had a look in Luke's child health record book to see what his head size was at 6 months and it was 46cm, then at 8 and a half months it was 48.2cm. We haven't been to the health centre since then. We'll be going when he's 12 months (only a few weeks away...I can't believe it!!), so it will be interesting to see if he's still a major boofhead or if his head has levelled out a bit.
By the way, Luke took his first steps today..he took about five steps then fell onto his bum. He's just learnt in the past week how to stand up by himself without holding on to's so cute!
It's good that you were able to get Liam a winter hat that fits. Does he leave hats on his head though? Luke seems to get really annoyed by hats and just wants to rip them off his head. I might have to get him one that ties up under the chin but I'm sure he'll just crack it if he can't pull it off!!
Hi Michelle
They really do grow up too quickly, I can still remember my labour and that was 6 months ago.
It seems to be a time for milestones, Friday Liam rolled from back to front, he's been going front to back since 3 months . And today he was doing it heaps without the incentive of a toy, time to baby proof the house.
I don't have a problem with keeping hats on Liam's head, fingers crossed it stays that way. I've always put hats on him as my husbands sport is outside and we are outside all day with it, and although we're under a tent the weather still gets us. Even when we go for walks if its a little chilly he's had a hat on, we actually got him one when he was about a week old and its only now getting too small for him, but it was huge on him back then.
My MIL also got him a couple of beanies this week from the Reject shop and they're actually pretty cute, with lots of growing room.
Let me know how Luke's head goes with his next check up at the HC.

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Hi Kristy,
Well it's been a very big week for Luke! He turned ONE on Sunday and we had a party at home for him. He had his 12 month assessment at the health centre on Tuesday, then his 12 month immunizations on Wednesday (he cried and sobbed and broke my heart)...then yesterday I took him to get fitted for his first pair of shoes. What a big, grown up boy!!

Here are his latest statistics: weight 11 kg 665 gm ; height 79cm ; head circumference 49.2cm ; 4 teeth on top, 3 teeth on bottom ; testes descended ( didn't want to know that)!!!!!
So he's a pretty big boy for his age...(he's got very wide feet too according to the lady in the shoe shop). He's on the 90% (on the graph) for height and weight...and on the 97% for head his head is still larger than his body, but he's almost all in proportion now.

Luke's walking properly now, that's why we got his shoes fitted. I bought his shoes yesterday (cute little boots actually), then went to pick his sister up from kinder. Because he can walk now and was wearing shoes, I let him get down and walk around at the park. He was so excited (I swear he thinks he's 4 years old). In the past he's always cracked it at the park because I've left him in the pram or held him. I didn't want him crawling around in the tanbark. But now he can walk (almost run) around just like the other kids. They do grow up sooooo fast!!

Anyway, how's Liam doing? I checked out your photos on that photo page and I must say...Liam is absolutely adorable and his head doesn't even look large!!
Hi Michelle
You have had a big week haven't you.
Liam is going very well, just getting over his first cold. He's waking up a few times a night again, but still isn't wrapped at night (daytime no such luck).

He can now roll from his back to front as well as front to back, the later he could do at 3 months.
He's also able to sit up by himself, altough we do still place a cushion behind him so if he falls back he wont hurt his head.
We recently bought him a Jolly Jumper and he loves it. He doesn't jump all that much in it but is more interested in spining around in it, he'll do a full 360 degrees.
Thank-you for your compliments we think he's gorgeous, and no his head doesn't look all that big, but believe me it is.
I bought him the cutest hat with ear flaps from KMart (boys section) but its getting a little tight on his head now.
I'm taking Liam to the Health Centre on Friday to do his weight and height (for my record book) so I might have to check out his head while I'm there.
We got our 6 month needles done just before mother's day and he didn't even cry. I couldn't believe it, not to impressed with the polio vaccine.
I double checked to see if your photos were on the photo page but I couldn't see any. Was I right or am I blind? Would love to see pics of your little girl and Luke.
Take care.
P.S. Thanks for your support on the controlled crying issue.

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Hi Kristy,
I hope Liam got over his cold okay. Luke had lots of colds last winter when he was a newborn, and a few ear infections too. I think this is why he had trouble learning to sleep right from the start!

It just seems like yesterday that Luke was reaching the milestones that Liam's at (sitting, rolling, etc). Before you know it your darling boy will be running around getting into mischief like mine. For the past few days Luke has been saying this word over and over...Ell-a Ell-a. We finally worked out that he's saying (or trying to say) Ellie. She was so excited that her little brother can say her he's been saying mumma and dad-dad for a while now!

I've been looking for a hat for Luke that ties up under the chin because he just pulls hats straight off his head. I've looked in K-mart, Myer and Best & Less and haven't found one yet.

I haven't put any photos of us on the photo page yet. We're hoping to buy a digital camera in the next few weeks, then I'll try and work out how to do it. I'm not very good with all this technology stuff; we've only had our computer since April and my hubby and I are both muddling along, learning stuff as we go.

Have you checked out / or joined any other parenting type forums online? I've been checking out some others, but I think I like this one the best. It's set out more clearly..and the mums on here seem really friendly. That's why I got such a shock (and I'm sure you did too) when I saw those posts on the controlled crying topic. It's the first instance I've seen on the Huggies site of people being accusing and unfriendly (among other things).
Anyway I won't go into it; we need to stick to the positives. I was happy to support you though; I feel like you're a friend and I know you're a fantastic mother!!
Best wishes
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