Hi Michelle,
I got Liam's hat from K mart, it does up under the chin, we got it in the little boys section (head's too big for bubs).
I haven't checked out any other parenting forums as until recently I'd only had good things from here. But I'm not about to let 1 bad experience put me off, I've even reponded to them over another issue (swimming lessons) but I haven't had a reply.

In the last couple of days Liam's been saying mum-mum-mum and bub-bub-bub. Not sure if its just babble as he doesn't look at me when he's doing it.
He's pretty much over his cold still has a slight runny nose, but it might have looked worse as we were swimming at the time.
You'll have to let me kow when you put pics of Luke and Ellie on the website, make sure you include one of yourself so I can put a face to the name. As I feel like we're friends too, its funny how some people you can chat to for ages about anything. There's a few of the mums here I feel I can and can ask them anything.
Now you're not feeding Luke anymore are you back wearing normal bras yet. I can't wait for that as I've only got white nursing bras and I'm getting over white.
If you'd like to email me you can get me on chukkas@optusnet.com.au
Take care