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Hi, can anyone recommend any learning activities for my baby who is 9 months? We live on the south side of Brisbane & dont really want to enrol in swimming lessons, but would love to join any other sort of learning classes, mind or physical.
Hi Newey. We live in the Centenary Suburbs South of Brssy and I have just enrolled my 10mth old into swimming to start in 2 weeks. I have seen there is a place called Musik which teach children rhythm and that from 6mths which sounds good, I'm considering putting him in Gymboree but not sure, it is a bit expensive.

Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into both of these, and best of luck with the swimming.
Gymboree is awesome from about 6mthd of age. I love it! Just give your bub lots of things to explore. We play wiht the junk mail each week and we have played for an hour straight with a bunch of texta's in a basket. I also just fill a bag with stuff from the kitchen.

For actual toys. I got given some wooden fridget magnets which my DD loves to pull off the fridge.

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