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Startle reflex Lock Rss

HI Everyone

I am wondering when babies lose the startle reflex?
My daughter is 15 weeks and i am trying to put her to sleep unwrapped, but she always wakes herself up with her hands. Is it just that she is used to being wrapped? ( I wont be wrapping my next baby!). Any ideas to help them sleep unwrapped?
Hi Lara

"They" say that babies usually lose the startle reflex at around 3 months - but as with everything else all babies are different.

As for wrapping, my son was about 5 months old when I finally weaned him off the wrap! He'd started getting out of it at about 4 months as he moved around so much, but he wouldn't go to sleep without it. I asked the nurse about it, and she said he obviously still needs it, but she suggested to start leaving one arm out. So I alternated the arm that I left out each time, so he would be used to having each of them out. Then I started leaving both out and just wrapping around his torso. I think it took about a month to stop wrapping all together. don't stress to much about it - your daughter will let you know when she doesn't need the wrap anymore. I've read in some of the posts on this site about 8 month old babies still being wrapped - I don't think it's a problem until it becomes a safety issue. Just take it slowly and I'm sure your daughter will be sleeping unwrapped in no time. It's funny as when my son was a newborn he didn't like being wrapped, but he slept a lot better when he was, he finally got used to it and I had to wean him off it!!!

Hope this helps
Hi Lara,

My son had the startle reflex until he was about 5 1/2 months old. I also wrapped him nice and tight until he would stuggle to get out of the wrap, they just need to get used to it. He is now 7 1/2 months old and still has the startle reflex slightly, I have watched him sleep and when he gets a startle he just rolls over - it doesn't bother him anymore. It's just going to take time and every baby is different. I was told that it goes away by 3 months but not with my little man!!!


Mum to toddler

Thanks Jas and Sammie

I guess i'll just wait for the startle reflex to go away!
Im trying to sleep her unwrapped for the past few days and she does sleep for a while(about an hour) so i guess thats a start!
Many of primitive responses will disappear in a few months as your baby’s body becomes more organized and he no longer needs them. Meanwhile, you can keep tabs on his development by performing checkups.
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