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hi my little 5 week old has club feet. he has to have plaster casts put on every week until he is 4 months old, then he might have to have surgery depending on how they correct.
i was wondering if anyone out there has had children with club feet, im interested to know more about it.

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

hi my little boy was born with talapies i think thats how you spell it. he doesn't have plaster any more he has it strapped and also wears special little boots to help correct it which is easier then plaster so the physio tells me. i have also been told he may have to have surgery as they thought is was muscle mainly but now have found it to be more structual.

bec NSW mum of 3

Hi Sarah20

My little girl is now 14 months old. She was born with talipes in her left foot and a severely dislocated left hip among a few other problems. 2 days after she was born we started the serial casting which lasted 3 months and then minor surgery to lengthen her achilles tendon at 4 months. This surgery didn't work very well so major surgery was needed. It was called a soft tissue release and involved transferring tendons and ligaments to their rightful place. This was only done 8 weeks ago and so we are still in plaster for another 4 weeks. Then into a splint called an AFO to be worn at night for who know's how long. One thing I have come to realise over the past year is that Talipes is an on going thing that you just have to chip away at. You probably know this by now. I do know of a couple of kids who had talipes and are now normal active kids. Try and keep a positive mind (hard at times I know). The surgery was hard to deal with for me, but my baby girl breezed through it. They are the strongest little people and seem to handle all that is thrown at them. I would like to hear how you are going now.
Good Luck

Kirrillea, mum of 2

Hi Sarah, you are Lyle and Liz's grand daughter aren't you? I'm Karyn who married Colin who use to be neighbours with Lyle and Liz in Whangaparaoa. Your little fella was born a couple of weeks after we had Jack. Liz showed us the photos of Thomas after he was born and he is a real little sweetie. How is he going with the casts? Has he had any surgery?
If you want to chat you can email me at [email protected]
I would love to catch up with you.
Talk to you soon.

Karyn, NZ, Jack 13/02/04

hi well orlando is doing really well at the moment he is now 7 months old and is pulling himself up on the furniture and if someone hold his hands he will walk so i am really pleased with his progress. how is Mackenzie going?? i have been told there a brand of shoe called jelly bean shoes that can help his feet but no one in tamworth has ever heard of them so we are having trouble getting them. well time for orlandos bottle. hope to hear from you soon.

bec NSW mum of 3

Hi bec, not sure if u remember me, we used to email a while back. Hope the boys are going great, and your ex and his horrible girlfriend arent giving you too much greif.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

hi again yes i remeber chating to you so how have things been. sorry i haven't been on in like ages but i didn't have a computer and i've moved into town to get away from my ex and his girlfriend and then they followed me in to town but kevin doesn't see his kids anymore as his girlfriend said he isn't allowed so things should get better now. so how is your new baby??

bec NSW mum of 3

He is good. Check out his webpage its
do you still have the same email address?

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

hi just seen the photos they are very cute and yes i still have the same email.

bec NSW mum of 3

Hi everyone,

Bella also had club feet but fortunately we haven't needed plaster casts or surgery. We have been lucky. We have been seeing a physio since she was born and doing the exercises she gave us and they are much better but the left one is still quite turned in. When she was born I was told she might not be able to walk properly and now the physio is saying worst case scenario she might be pigeon-toed. I bought her shoes the other day and some of them we couldn't get on her because her feet are so crooked. We will keep doing the exercises and hopefully they'll come good.


I have a little boy that has a talipe and we are just coming out of plaster after his surgery in the next week. All Ican say it is tough going for all but will be worth it in the longh run.

Walker has had plaster on since he was two days old and he is coming up to his 6 month milestone.
He had his first surgery at 4 months and I will not lie, it was terrible. Too see your little baby in recovery just breaks your heart but they are so makes you get strong for them. A little hint if your little one needs surgery, have the bottle ready for recovery and take your own pillow! It helps like you would not believe! We were at our local hospital, the John Hunter and the paediatric nurses are amazing. They made our stay so much easier, even though it was hard.

The therapists are key to making it easier on you and the better the relation your baby and you have with them, the better every thing seems to go. Walker loves seeing his therapist and she treats him lovely! he had to go for a plaster change last week and whilst the plaster was off, i got to see his foot. It looked fantastic and so straight! I cna not wait for 18 October when the plaster comes off for good....

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply as I found the more info I could gather, the more confident I felt.

Just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though at times it s hard to see....

Good luck with it all



Max and Mel NSW

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