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What to expect by 1 year olds Lock Rss

Hi there ! I am totally amazed at how fast DD is developing. I certainly understand what other parents meant when they said babies absorb every-thing. I am really curious what I can expect from my DD over the next three months. It seems they develop in leaps and bounds in every aspect. I know they are all different, but always good to hear about other babies as gives you an idea of what might be next. Thanks in advance.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi,

My daughter is 9 months too and I would also love to know what they will get up to in the next 3 months, lets hope someone replies! When was your DD born?

Susannah NSW

Ellie is now 13 months old, she has just started standing up on her own of course not holding onto furniture, she's the youngest of my children to do that-the first(now 5yrs)walked 10 days off 15months, the second(now 2 1/2)walked 9 days off 15 months-first with a standing walker the second without. So it will be interesting to find out if she walks earlier or not. She claps her hands now,puts her hands on her headf if you do, mimics everything you do, says hello and daddy, waves goodbye, puts the phone to her ear as to talk. She is a very cheeky baby! When you say nite nite! to her shwe puts her head on your shoulder and smiles, once awake in bed she sings to herself and changes the tunes to her Ocean Wonders mucis attached to her cot.

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

hi, my lil' guy is 11months.
He got really fast at crawling in the last 3months! he loves getting into everything now that he is crawling. He has been standing and pulling him self up since he was 2 1/2months and has not stopped doing it! The past 2 weeks he has figured out how to jump in the cot! Sleeping was hard around 9-10months as he was just changing and starting to stand more often and would get too excited in the cot to want to go to sleep. It was a struggle most days. Food wise, everything is great we started introducing finger food. It is SOOO easy, especially when on the run. Everything in my body started to go back to normal because i had finished breast feeding at 8months. So you really are at a good stage, it might seem like there are struggles some days, but really and truely they just love discovering! Well at least i know kayden does!

Good luck -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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