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Babies hair growth Rss

My son is 5 months old and was born with a huge mop of hair. In the last few weeks when washing baby a lot of hair is falling out. Should i be concerned and speak to a doctor?
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Babies often lose their hair during the first 6 months of life. It's entirely normal because hair growth has 2 stages; a growing stage and a resting phase, after which it falls out. In newborns all of the hair follicles enter the resting period at the same time. (The same process often affects the mother after delivery of the baby.) This gradual baldness is thought to be due to changing hormone levels. Before birth, the fetus has a high level of sex hormones, courtesy of his mother. After birth, these levels decline and baby's hair falls out.

A baby may also have bald patches on his scalp from sleeping in the same position, rubbing his head against the mattress, or as a result of banging his head against the crib. As he starts to move around more and when he stops his head banging behavior, this type of hair loss corrects itself.

Sometimes a baby is born with a full head of dark, straight hair and for months afterward, little patches of hair litter the crib. When baby's new hair comes in it's not only a different color, but a different texture as well.

What can I do about it?
There's nothing you can do about newborn hair loss, except let time pass. If the baldness is due to your baby spending too much time in the same position, try putting him to bed a in different position, perhaps by switching his mobile around or putting his favorite stuffed animal on the other side of the crib.

When is hair loss the sign of a problem?
Excessive hair loss should be brought to your pediatrician's attention if it occurs after the first 6 months of age, because it could be a sign of a nutritional or medical problem.

My daughters fell out as well. She lost a lot but it has since grown back.

Leigh, NSW,

mine too. it has taken till 10 months old before she had enough to brush with a baby brush. so don't fear. it will come back.
I was wondering why my bub, who is 9 weeks old still has all the hair she was born with!! It has even grown 2 inches!!! Iwill enjoy her thick luscious curly hair while i can then!! smile

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

Skye is the same, she was born with aroung an inch and a half of dark, soft hair, and now at almost four months, she still has the original amount, and then some! I have trouble doing up buttons on the back of her dresses because her hair is in the way. The hair on top is quite long enough to put in a ribbon. I was really surprised when it didnt fall out!

Beck,NSW,first baby

My daughters hair fell out too. She is 10 months now and still has next to none. The hair that is coming through though is really pretty and worth waiting for. It looks golden brown and may even be a bit wavy. My hair also fell out for a while but it wasn't too bad as I can't see a difference in the thickness. My advice to you though is if you are worried about the hairloss then do ask your doctor as there is no harm in checking.


My son's hair looked so much like a monks hairstyle. It used to make us laugh! He is 14mths now and his hair is only now starting to grow. It is very fine. Losing the hair is normal. I'm just hoping by the time Christmas comes around my son will have a full head of hair like his mates!

Bouncing Baby Boy, NSW, 14mth boy

My baby had a head full of hair when born. It then fell out but has since grown back. Don't worry, all babies seem to go through some degree of hair loss!

Jane, WA, 10mth baby boy


My daughter was also born with full head of hair and during the first few months it was falling out everywhere, all over her bedsheets, clothes it started getting frustrating so i told my hubby lets just cut it off.

It was funny cause i had her on my lap while my husband snipped away and poor Emily was left with the most uneven hair cut ever. We even took her to the hairdresser straight after to see if they can fix it.

Luckily it has now grown back, Emily is now 8months,(a different colour )and does not fall out anymore. So if it is a bother because the hair is going everywhere then give your baby a haircut. ( but do check with your baby clinic but you should find it is very normal )

NSW - 1st child baby girl

hi well my daughter was born with heaps of hair and she didnt loose hardly any of it she still has it all and she is almost 10mths old now i am going to trim the dead baby hair off now cause all the new hair is trying to grow through it and the baby hair is just dead now.
Hi All
weel over our life we have 3 different stages of hairgrowth. luango which is our baby hair.( im trying to remember my science lesson in my 1st year of hairdressing) any i can recall the other names for them
anyway you know yourself when u brush or wash your hair that it falls out at different rates and the longer your hair is the more it feels like you lose. well it does have alot to do with changing hormones and its just that a baby will lose their 1st hair all of a sudden instead of at a steady rate which it less noticeable. what happens is when hair is made in the folicle its like a chain or like links, and all it takes is for one link not to fully form and this causes the hair follicle to start a new chain, so the old hair gets pushed out by the new hair, the new hair is then stronger than the last. this is why different hair types in our different stages of life. and also if u notice when women go thru menopause their hair gets thinner. again its hormonal. if anyone wants to look up hair growth look up tricology.
also when u hear someone say "u have to cut your baby's hair to thicken it up" this is all an illusion. all you are really doing is cutting off the thin first hair an it feels thincker due to less 1st hair and more 2nd hair .(hope this makes sense to you)
i've babbled enough. hope i have been of some help tp everyone.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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