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What does your 8 Month Old weigh?? Lock Rss

I weighed my DD who was 8months on 30th of last month and she weighs 8kg. In the last 2 months she has only put on 1kg.. not sure whether she should be putting more than that on?

Mine was 6.8kg at 8 months (3.6kg at birth). At least your DD had gained weight - between 6 months and 8 months mine didn't gain any weight at all. At 9 months though Cassie was 7.3 so she was obviously just having a growth spurt in that time and all the energy was going into growing or something 'cause we didn't change her food intake or anything.

I don't know if you are breastfeeding or not but I use this website with info about weight gain for breastfeed bubs (averages only of course)

I haven't been able to find one for formula fed bubs though.

If you're really concerned, talk with your doctor or a health nurse - we saw our doctor at 8 months and he ran some tests (all good) and said that she was happy etc so he wasn't worried at that time, to give it another 2 months and if she didn't gain anything go back then and he'd send us to a specialist (fortunately don't have to worry about that any more).

All the best with your DD.
Hi, Travis wasa 8 months on the 11th, he weighs in at 9kg, he was 3.5kg at birth, he's been on the 50th percentile all the way.
I wouldn't worry too much, at my mother's group, the weights at 8 months are from 7kg to 10 kg, all perfectly normal, funnily enough, the lightest bub is FF and the heaviest is BF, go figure!
DS is BF with some solids, although somedays he won't eat anything, good luck with the adventure!


I'm not too worried about her coz she is growing and developing at the normal rate just couldn't remember whether that was enough or too much or what lol lol.

She is FF but has never been a huge milk drinker even when I BF her she wouldn't take much, she does love her food though so that's ok and she drinks water as well.

I guess it's coz they are busy moving about so they don't put much on. Thanks though for the reassurance!

My DD weighs 8.6kg at 8 months. And 68.5cm.
i have a 6month old girl who weighs 7.5kg...shes 69cm. So i think it depends on the baby. Her brother whos 20 months old would never have been that big until he was about 8months.
My little man is 8.7kg and 74.5cm long
My DS is now over 10 months but just wanted to say that his weight gain started to slow down at the 8 month mark which my MCHN told me is normal because once babies start to crawl they burn up a lot of calories.

my DD is 7.3kg, she was 3kg at birth

DS was 8kg at 7 months and now at almost 9 months he is 8.5kg (69cm) so he only put on 500gms in almost 2 months. His weight gain has really slowed since he started crawling, pulling himself up on everything and walking along furniture and with his push along car. I am not worried as he eats and drinks heaps and is hitting all his milestones and beyond (he's almost walking at 9 months old).

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Hi all,
got my 8 month old DD2 weighed today she is 7.92kg. stands at 67cm tall and has a massive head at 45.2cm.
The nurse said she is doing really well but if her head keeps growing at the rate it is i will have to take her back to her paed to have her head checked cos its growing faster than her body. has anyone else heard of this???
i was a bit confused, she doesn't look out of proportion or anything, so i started asking questions and she told me not to worry and wait and see at her 12 month check.

DD2 is considerably bigger than my DD1. DD1 was and still is a midget. DD2 weighs 2kg more than DD1 did at the same age. how they can so similar yet so different.

Thats my ramble for today! thanks


Hi ashkat's mum,

I have the same scenario as you, my second child has been much bigger than my first and at any given age she would weigh about 2 or 3 kgs more than he did. They are 18 months apart and now she has caught up in weight, they both weight about 20 kgs and she is almost as tall as him. They are all so different aren't they. Now I have number three and he is much bigger again than they were at the same age he is 7 months today and is 8.8 kgs and 71 cms long.

If your worried about your daughters head circumfrance get it checked out, don't wait for a HN to refer you, go to your GP.

Mum of three amazing people

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