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reflux baby - 6 1/2 months - 6.8kg Lock Rss

Just wanting to know if anyone has a baby the similar age with Gastric Reflux .........If so is your baby small as well. I know that babies with reflux tend to be smaller but my daughter has only put on 0.8kg in one month. Should I be worried

Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Hello, our baby also had Gastric Reflux but he was and still is huge. He was a pretty big baby to start with. He has just turned one and is around 13 kilos.
When you look into reflux one of the text book symptoms is failing to gain weight. Reflux babies love to suck as this eases the pain. My baby kept crying so I tried everything including the bottle to settle him. As he always took the bottle and went quiet I thought that he was just a "piggy" baby and constantly hungry. Once I realised what was happening this slowed down when I was advised to give him a dummy. I remember one month he only put on a small amount and I was worried but our Paediatrician said "any gain is a good gain".
Remember at 6.5 months your baby will be a lot more active as well and perhaps going into growth spurts which will make a small weight gain. Our son was on Zantac from around 8 weeks until around 10 months. We also went to a chiropractor which we feel helped a great deal. In my experience reflux is very different in just about every baby, whats normal for one may not be normal for another.
It really doesnt matter what your baby weights as long as they are healthy. This is a web site for Distressed Infants Support Association of Vic This is run by volunteers for a few things and reflux is one of them. They may be able to give further advice. I was once told by a midwife you have never had a baby until you have had a reflux baby as they are a world of their own. Our baby still vomits not the projectiles thankfully but he doesnt suffer the pain he was once in. I hope this helps as I know what you are going through and I can honestly say from experience , it does get better.
I suggest you definitely watch your little ones weight, if it does not pick up or becomes stahnant, I would ensure that you see your health professional. there are many causes for a refluxer to lose weight, and an increase in the current med or a new med may be required.
I hope this is all it takes.

Yours Donna

mum of 5 -

I also have a 6 month old reflux baby. He is quite big (was 4.5kg at birth anyway) but I ahve also noticed that weight gain has slowed considerably in the last 6 weeks. He is very active now, though. He throws up all the time but is not having the intense pain that he used to get, but he is extremely unsettled because of reflux, as on the days when he throws up a little less and is more obviously relaxed, he sleeps better and settles more. Wish it would hurry up and pass!
Good luck with yours.

Helen, ACT

Oh ditto!
My baby was only 6lb 15oz. (3150g) born and at 5½ months is 6.1kg. Definitely not a chubby baby, but is not underweight either. He has gone through stages of putting on very little weight and then will go through a growth spurt and gain weight quickly. I know how you mums are feeling. A reflux baby is a lot of work and a lot of washing. I can't wait for the time when we notice it easing off and we don't have to give him the Zantac. It tastes that awful I have a hard time giving it to him. Unfortunately, I got a taste of it once. Yuk! He has his good days, too and his bad days. He also has chronic colic, which makes it hard to tell sometimes which is bothering him the most. If anyone can suggest how to administer the Zantac to disguise the taste or so that it doesn't get wasted down his bib I would be most appreciated. Now that he is on the bigger teat we notice it is harder to get the oral medication syringe into his mouth to squirt it in, without it dribbling back out of the gap. I have put a little milk into the syringe with the Zantac and it disguises the taste but I feel we are wasting a lot of it because at some feeds the stuff comes right back out. I don't lay him back much when I feed him. We both prefer pretty much sitting up when drinking the bottle and he goes into the highchair slightly inclined back so I have a free hand to give him the Zantac with the bottle. Any suggestions? I'm going to post a formal question too, in case it gets more response.
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