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having problem on cleaning my baby's teeth Lock Rss


My DD is nearly 1 year old. She now got about 6 teeth. I start cleaning her teeth with baby tooth brush & wet cloth since she got her first tooth. Recently, she doesn't like me to brush her teeth, just keep biting the tooth brush. And, she bites my fingers when I clean them up with wet cloth. Do any mum experience the same problem? Please advise how did you get over this?

My DS 9mths started getting his teeth at 5mths and now has 7. I found that I would tell him open and when he opened his mouth I would praise him and brush his teeth.

I also found he loves our electric toothbrushes and he plays with them while they are going and I tell him open and brush his teeth. He does bite down on his toothbrush but I just say open and he does it.

DS just loves watching me and DH brush our teeth so he has hiss done when we do ours in the morning. At night I do his when he's having a bath.

Hope this helps.
It is a stage and you may go through it a few times. Only use a brush and be firm with her. She needs to know you will brush her teeth twice a day until she is at least 6, so don't give in.

DD gets the brush after I finish to practice on her own, she sees it as a bit of a treat. Maybe you could try that with your little one, or even a tiny bit of tooth paste (the kids ones taste nice).

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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