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Do you use a playpen? Rss


Just wondering who uses a playpen and if you think it is worth getting one and if you don't have one, where do you put bubs when you have to leave the room for something?

Are they useful is helping to teach bubs to pull themselves up?

DS is not yet crawling but he is rolling all over the place and I am unsure whether to get one or not for when he starts. If we had heaps of space I would get one without question but as space is limited I don't want to buy something that will be a waste.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


I bought one for my DD few months ago when she started crawling. I set it up in my dinning area with putting the thick plastic mat at the bottom. The main reason I bought the playpen because we got tile throughout the dinning room, it's not safe for her to crawl there and it's too cold. And, my DD is still very easy to fall down one, it'll be very dangerous for her head when she falls down in the tile. As per the advice of the nurse, it's no good to put the baby in the playpen for a long time every day as it will affect their development. I only put my DD in the playpen whenever I need to do something in the kitchen. So, we can see each other. She is happy to see me all the time. For the rest of playing time, I will sit with her in the carpet area without any barrier.

If your house is safe for your baby to roll or crawl around, I don't think you need one. But, it may be good to have one if your baby still can't sit very firm. He can sit inside the playpen to play without any worry of falling down.

I've got one and put my baby in it every so often to get him used to it. I think it encourages babies to learn to play by themselves and useful if you need to pop to the loo. Can't imagine how it would hurt their development. I read 40 mins a day is probably a good amount once they get to crawling/walking stage... once older you can have 'room' time instead of 'playpen' time.

Oh I just read it also fosters the most basic learning skills of life: sitting, focusing and concentrating. It helps toddlers to be creative (Creativity is the product of boundaries, not freedom. With absolute freedom, there is no need for creative thinking or problem solving)... that's a quote from a book I'm reading. Hope it helps.
[Edited on 26/08/2008]
[Edited on 26/08/2008]

Personally, I don't like them. It reminds me of a caged animal sticking them in a pen.

I think its better to let them roam the house. As they learn to crawl which is often slow and steady, you will see what they are attracted to and baby proof accordingly. You can use doors and gates to lock off areas you don't want them to go into, such as the kitchen.

I use to lock DD in the lounge if I wanted to do stuff like go to the toilet or cook. I would set her toys up and knew she was nice and safe. I could pop my head in to check on her for my own separation anxiety.

Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I personally prefer to not use one but I can see that there are probably some advantages to using them carefully. I instead just take my DS with me around the house and he loves it. He loves coming into the laundry when I'm hanging out washing and I keep a bucket of toys in the kitchen (I keep swapping them around) and he knows where it's kept when I need to cook or clean.
When I have to go to the bathroom I take him along and give him my hairbrush or some of his bath toys.

Thanks for the input everyone. Seems to be pros and cons, like anything I guess. It wouldn't be used all the time so that makes it hard to justify the expense.

Our house is open plan and we have 2 dogs which is why I thought of getting one in the first place but I'm still not sure. I do have a Chicco quattro 4 in 1 on lay by which can be turned into a ride on with a parent handle, it also has a 5 point safety harness so I guess I could always put him in that and take him around with me.

Thanks again for the feedback....
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