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Back to work Lock Rss

My son is 4 months old and has started 'chatting', is very interested in what is going on around him and I really feel there is a very strong bond between us.

Unfortunately I have to go back to work and he will go to daycare. I am worried that he won't be as stimulated and will be too tired in the evenings. Will our connection suffer?

Has anybody had any similar experience? Any tips?
Does anybody know of any good games or activities in the evening, other than bathing and feeding to keep the bond there?

Young mum, NSW, 4 month son

I have been back to work full time since my daughter was 2 weeks old. She was with my mum during the week. now she is 10months and i have her in daycare 3 days and my mother-in-law fills in the other 2.

Just work with your baby, you'll know what he wants and needs as you go. He won't forget who his Mum is. My daughter is very close to both my husband and myself even though we are unable to be at home full time parents. If anything, daycare has been a very exciting time for my baby.

Best of luck. It always feels worse for mum and dad and than for baby when returning to work.

Best wishes
I started back at work when my baby was 4 months old. We had no choice. If I didnt work, we wouldnt eat.

He is 14 months old and loves child care. He is really advanced for his age, and we have such a routine now that weekends throw him right out.

He sleeps really well for his caregiver during the day. Not like at home.

I enjoy working, and wouldn't have it any other way. I think that the contact with other adults keeps me sane.

Its only the first few weeks that are hard.

Kim, NZ, 14mth baby boy.

I returned to work when my son was 4 months old. He is now 14 months old and loves his day care. We have an awesome routine that really works.

Just make the most your weekends and nights. Spend as much spare time with him as possible. Its not as bad as it seems.

I think having a routine is the only way to go.

Good Luck and enjoy working and being a mum.

Kim, NZ, 14mth baby boy.

I have been back at work for 5 months. My son is nearly 16 months old. So I should be happy that I had 11 months home with him. He loves his Day Care mum, has a great sleep routine for her. And has the benefit of a play mate 3 months older than him 3 days a week. He is happy.
I however, am starting to feel like I am missing out. I hate the fact that I have to rush around making dinner in the evening and that by the time I have time for him He is ready for bed. I don't feel like we have that much fun together.
How do I organise myself around this?

QLD 15mth toddler

For games and activities, I can hihgly recommend a story, with lots of facial expression, cuddles and laughs, and if time permits a walk together, even if it is only to go out and bring the washing in. A possum pouch or similar can make it easier, but spend as much time as you can talking, showing them things and smiling at him.

Beck,NSW,first baby


I went back to work full time in January after being off for a year with my son who is nearly 1. He has three different carers during the week, my mother-in-law one day, my parents two days and family daycare the other two days.

He is not tired at all during the evenings, in fact he is very active because he is stimulated during the day.

Your connection will not suffer at all with your child.

Wish you all the best for the future
All of my children have been in full time daycare from a young age (the first 2 were from 6 mths). He will be far from unstimulated. I found the interaction with the other children was great and there is so much more for them to do. The qualified staff plan their days to be interesting, fun and full of learning new and exciting things. As they get older, it becomes a great form of preperation for 'big school'.
He would have his daytime sleeps at daycare as well, so i don't think he would be more tired in the evenings - other than maybe the first few weeks while he is getting used to his new environment and carers.
My youngest is 20 weeks, I have been back to work since she was 3 weeks. Luckily I was able to take her with me until she was 12 weeks, but since then she has been at home with my mother-in-law. This has been very disheartening for me because I would love to stay at home with her, but I try to spend as much time before and after work as possible. For example, I get up that little bit earlier, so I can make sure I am able to give her her morning feed, thats OUR time. At night, I give her her bath, and bottle before she goes to bed. And most of all, I cuddle her lots.
Read a nice story before putting him to bed at night, put him in the pram and go for a stroll around the block (you'll appreciate the excercise and fresh air to), put your favourite cd on and dance around the house with him.
Your baby will appreciate any time you can spend with him, whether its games or just bathing, feeding and having a cuddle. You won't loose that bond because you go back to work, if anything, it will become stonger, because you will appreciate each other and your time together that little bit more.
Good luck.

Mel, mum of Joshua 8, Maddison 5, Hailey 5 mths

i returned to work when my son was 3mnths old, at the start he went to my mums then on to creche, i am lucky as i am a mothercraft nurse and work in the field he is able to come to my place of work, however i m in the kinder room and he in the babies room, i get to peek on him throughout the day, without him and the staff knowing and everytime i peek he is having so much fun. the first day i cried more than him, and i work there!!!!!! he loves it and loves all the kids and of course the staff. i dont believe your connection will suffer, prehaps grow stronger as you both look forward to you time together, and the best part is that you get all this wonderful "artwork" to cherish
good luck! my son and i have survived it, he is now 12mnths old!
all the best!
p.s take time to oriantate your child to the centre, spend a few hours a day building up to the big day`even leave him/her there for 1 hour, have a coffe then come beck it helps you and the child!
most centres allow this to happen

Lisa, Vic, 12mth old

Hi Baby burge hows it going now?
I work parttime and study 4hrs a week.I went back to work when I was a few weeks pregnant. My youngest son is 6mths old.I was doing a cleaning job before that so I could do a lot at my sons school.Reading, glueing,etc.
Then this great job came up when I'd just fallen pregnant, (my youngest wasn't planned). Its 11hrs a week,7hrs flexible.My son goes to a childcare on site so I can see him when I like. Im just stopping breastfeeding but Ive been able to still feed him while at work.They call me on my mobile and Id pop over and feed him.He gets lots of stimulation there with all the kids in the baby room (under 2's)and the music and toys,etc.The workers give them all lots of attention and cuddles.
It gets me out of the house.I still get to go to my sons school for assemblies,sports day,etc. I study which is something for me.I still have time for housework and shopping and I get to watch my son grow up.
One thing I've realised is my oldest are 9 and 6.Where has the time gone.Im glad Ive been there to watch them grow. Ive always had parttime work.They grow up too quick.
We all have to do what we have to,to survive but do try and spend that quality time with your children.I think the best play is singing and dancing.To watch their faces light up when you make a huge fool of yourself.They are precious.
Hi there! I returned to work when my baby was 4 weeks a single mum...3 days a week and my mother cared for her then when she reached 3 months she started day care and has never been happier. The other babies and toddlers keep her amazed for hours on end and the interaction does wonders for her development, she eats and sleeps better as daycare tuckers her out I think!. My only fear is that I will miss those important occurances in Ashlees development, she is a real advanced little bub, like her first word or her first step and ....crawl etc. but I know that she is happy and I will get to experience it too, eventually.

Ashlee and I spend afternooons and the nights together and I find that giving her a massage at night is a great bonding period between Ash and I, not only does it benefit her but helps her to identify and distinguish feelings or sensations from different parts of her body and the best part is when you discover they're ticklish!!!

Ashlee is a happy and content bub and has been from day one so I must be doing something right and the bonding sessions definately help as she can't wait for me to pick her up from daycare every afternoon!!

Kate,NSW,6mth baby

Hi I returned to work when Rory was 12 wks old. He is now 4 1/2mths. I work 3 full days a week and he goes to daycare for those days. He loves it. I have noticed that he is so much more stimulated being at daycare than I can ever do. I worried he would forget me etc. Quite the opposite, I have found we are closer (if that makes sense) you just need a good routinue and spend as much time with them when you can. I really believe Rory is benefiting so much from being there and I feel normal again being around adult company and also getting a break is good for both of us.
When I pick Rory up each night he smiles and squeals when I see him.

Yasmine, Rory born 8/2/07

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