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Crab crawling on back - neck problems??? Lock Rss

My 5 1/2 month DS has just begun to move around whilst on his back. He arches his back and lifts his bottom so he is balancing on his feet and head and shuffles backwards kind of like a crab crawl on facing upwards. I am worried that he might be putting strain on his neck because he puts weight on his head so much.

Has anyone else has the same experience?
I've not heard of them hurting themselves. It woudl be interesting to hear what your CHN said to say as I've not heard of many bubs getting around that way - what a clever little dude!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi guys,

I have heard this is quite common for some babies. A friend of mine, her baby doesn't like tummytime so tends to push himself around this way and also My Mum says thats how my brother and I started off. Apparently they grow out of it.
My DD started doing this just under 4 months and is still doing it at almost 7 months. She's always been quite strong, and doesn't seem to hurt her neck. When she's in her cot, if she wakes in the night, or even just stirs, or when I put her down, she shuffles up to the top of the cot and tries to keep going and of course that hurts on the end of a cot! And she ends up with no blankets on so now she has a SafeT Sleep.
She's only recently started doing it in her buggy too which means she ends up standing in it and the straps look like they wont hold her. Can be a bit frustrating. Also on the change table... let's hope she stops soon!
DS has just started doing this, he hates tummy time and rolls straight onto his back. I noticed today that he was lifting his bum and starting to push backwards, oh dear another challenge! lol. I don't think it would hurt them or they'd stop doing it??
Sorry can't help, but you are not alone.

Gosh my three month old just started doing this and I was wondering why, as my other kids never did. I guess all babies are different and master different skills at different times. I wouldn’t worry about it hurting. If it hurt they wouldn’t do it or they will stop when it does. Babies are amazing.
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