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how big is your baby????? Lock Rss

i was just curious to know if my daughter is about average for her age
she is 6mths exactly and weighs 9.2kg and is 68cm long and is in huggies toddler nappies 10-15kg.
im starting to think she may be on thr chubby side of the scale.
she has 4x200ml bottles a day and vegies at dinner time, about 60gms

i would love to hear how all other bubs were at the same age.

smile thanks.

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby

When my daughter was 6 months she weighed 8.5kg. She is now seven months, I had her weighed and measured yesterday at the doctors and she is around the same weight and length as your bubs. The doctor suggested that maybe I cut back a little on her solids (she has 120g 3 x per day + 5bf) but at the same time said that she has been a heavier baby all along and don't need to be concerned at all - every baby is different.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with having a chubby baby (chubby babies are georgeous!) and it doesn't sound to me like she is having too much to eat.

Everyone comments to me on how chubby babies do well when they as sick as they have the excess puppy fat to help them if they go off their food.

I have also been told that babys often slim down a bit once they start crawling and moving around more.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &


I always get comments like your baby is sooo big!

And I agree they are healthy! don't worry they say as they get older they eat less and since they will be running around and stuff they will loose the weight!

They are babies so don't worry they have plenty of time to loose it! and just think there is more of them to hug!

Weigh in at 10 months my boy was 12.2 kgs and 74cm!

Enjoy your healthy little ones!



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

My bub at 6 months was 8.2kg and 71 cm long.

I had her weighed on Tuesday at 9 months and she was 9.6kg and 75 cm long.

I know my bub is heavier than a lot of my new mums group bubs, but she is also a lot longer. She has chubby thighs, but the rest of her is quite slim.

Don't worry about your baby being chubby. Thats the way babies are supposed to be smile

Mum to DD 08.08.03 and DS 12.05.05


After reading these, I'm beginning to think my little boy, is exactly that. Little! At six months he was 68 cm long and weighed in at at around 8 - 8.5 kgs. He gets 4 bottle feeds a day, plus three good sized solid feeds, which he seems to let me know if he wants it or not.
Don't worry, all babies are different, and they will loose it when they start moving around.
Hope all goes well!


Rebecca, NZ, Boy born 30/10/03

Hi Chelby and everyone

My son is at the opposite end of the scale, at 6 months he weighed 6kg and was 63cm long- he was weighed and measured a couple of weeks ago at 10 months old and he weighed 8 kg and was 69cm long. He's still in the crawler size nappies smile ! He is still having 5 breastfeeds per day and 3 pretty big solid meals plus afternoon tea - I don't know where it all goes!!! Don't worry about comments you get from other people - believe me I know what it's like - as long as your babies are happy and healthy that's all that matters. Just like adults they come in all shapes and sizes.

All the best
Hi Chelby

My daughter is 4.5 months and weighs 6.3 kilos and is about 60 cms.I think this is pretty average for her age, although i dont know how she is even this big as she only drinks a 120-ml bottle every 4 hours or so.She wont drink any more than that.
Dont worry if your baby is on the bigger side, it must be better than having and underweight bub i guess
Jack at 6 months was also at the other end of the scale weighing at 6kg 230gms and length was 63. At 12 months he was 8kg 780gms and 71 cm. The other bubs in our mums group are miles bigger than him and a couple are 6 weeks younger. I have given up on worrying about it as it just does your head in!!

mum of 1

I was a bit worried about my bub, she is 6 1/2 mths and just 6 kgs and about 62 cms. She has about 6 breast feeds a day and starting to eat a good amount of solids. Health nurse seems not bothered. She was over 8lbs when she was born and I thought she would continue to be quite chubby. But not the case.
Has any one heard, read any statistics on smaller bubs being obese when they get bigger, Am worried because my side of family has tendency to be BIG. My husband's family are all fairly thin, thought she may take after them.
I know obesity has a lot to do with exercise and proper nutrition, will make sure we all have that as she grows. But still wondering.
Their weights are always such a concern to us arent they! At 6mnths old Ella was 7.42kg and 67cm. Now at 10.5months she's 8.78kg and 74cm.... a little on the skinny side but our health nurse assures me she's perfectly healthy, just to maybe try and increase her energy foods....

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

Again all you wonderful mums (I mean parents) have comforted me. My baby was born 9.5 pound which is pretty big and she has only been gaining 40grams on average per week. All the literature I have read indicates a weight gain of 200grams in the first 3-4months as average. I've been anxious worrying about her. Nurses and doctors have this poker face and I feel like they aren't telling me the truth.

Because she was so big when she was born and her dad is huge and I was a big child, I expected her to be one of those gorgeous fat babies, I guess she's just looking after her body at an early age/

To the mums that are worried about obesity - your fears are good fears as they'll ensure you get your child outside the house for a game/sport rather than watching TV. It's good anxiety. You'll make sure your baby isn't obese so dont worry.

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

My son is 6.5months and he weighs 10kgs and is 73cm long. I have been buying the toddler nappies for over a month and have had a few comments about buying toddler nappies for a baby but thats what he weighs and I buy them for comfort. The tops of his legs are quite chubby.

My first son was always on the chubby side as a baby he is now almost 3 and has been 18kgs for a long time now. He just keeps getting taller and has thinned out quite a bit. They slim down as they get active.

Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2

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