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how big is your baby????? Lock Rss

Evie was born 5ib 9oz (2.5kgs)
At her 8month check she was 8kgs....

SaM, EviE NoV 03 AnD TuLLy AuG 05

[Edited on 09/11/2009]
My son at 6 months was a little bruiser... he weighed in at 9.4kg and 71cm! He is know 3 and a half and is 18kg and 1.03cm tall. My daughter is the opposite, she is 5 months old weighs 6kg and is 63cm. It is amazing to see how babies can so vastly differ from each other partically if they are related.

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04

My babies all varied, too. My baby is 5 months and weighs 8 kgs, yet his big sister was only around 6 kgs at the same age. They were (baby still is) exclusively breastfed and did (will) not start solids until six months. It does make a difference, sometimes, between breast and bottlefed babies. My first was bottlefed and put on a lot more chub early on. My last baby, however is not fat, he is just very solid and heavy. People can't believe how heavy he is because he doesn't look that big. Even now, like Tepe's situation, my little girl is 5 and weighs 16 kilos and my 2.5 year old son weighs 15 kilos. Again, he is not fat, just very muscular and solid. He is also tall for his age, as is my 5 month old. In fact, he is in the 95th percentile for height and weight and the doctor weighed him twice because he just does not look it! You will also notice in your baby book, that boys are meant to be heavier and taller than girls at this age.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Krysta was 8pound 7oz (3835grams) and 54cm at birth, now at just over 5mths shes 10kgs and 73cm tall

Mel, Mummy to Krysta 07-04-04 and Chloe 10-11-06

Hi all, at 6 mths my dd Tayla was 8.95kg 67 cm, she is now nearly 13 mths and is 11.39kg 76.5cm. i have another girl Taniesha who nearly 7 and she weighed less than Tayla at the same age but was slightly taller as well!!!

tayla 16/08/03

My son was a twin and born at 33 weeks...

Born: 2.095kg (4 pound 10) - 45cm long
4 mth: 6.70kg - 63cm long (Approx)....

He definately made up for the slow start.
At 6 months old Isobel was 6.6 kilos and 61.5 cms. She was a very small baby, only 2.55 kilos when she was born. At her 12 month check-up, she was 8.2 kilos, but then she hardly put on any weight, and at 18 months she was only 9.4 kilos. She's now 23 months old and put on a little more weight, but she will always be petite.

Mum to Isobel 2, and William 4mths

hi chelby,
i just looked in my daughters book when was 6mths she was 6.4 kg & 64 cm . my son is 4 mths and he was weighed today @ 6.8kg & 65cm so i wonder what he will be in 2mths time???

just remember they are all different..

there is a chart in your baby book to see the weight ranges , this may be helpful

my 6yo is now 110cm and 15.7 kg

nikki, 8yo girl, 2 1/2 y/o boy & preg with no.3

Hi Everyone,


My son is currenty 21 weeks old and weighs 9kg and is 72cm long! He was 4kg born two weeks early!

He is not chubby by any means as he is long but if he was chubby, who cares!!

A lot of people feel like they should comment on "fatter" or "chubby" people but really they should keep their mouths closed. If those people have nothing better to do or say, then they have very sorry lives.

My boy is healthy, smart, and absolutely GORGEOUS as is everyone elses babies.

Dont let other people put you down. You have nothing to worry about

Mum to Samuel - 3 and Jordy - 22 months

At 6mnths my DD was 7.4kg and 69cms she is now 12months wieghs 8.8kg and is 76cm long Just over 1kg in 6 months.She was 8lb 4 at birth and as i am a large person i expected to have a chubby bubba but it seems that she is not going to take after me which in some ways is good kids these days have enough to worry about without being teased about their weight. All you mums with larger bubs it is just as worring for us with skinny minnies. And peoples coments dont help. People constantly tell me I should give DD more to eat (she has 3meals a day +morning and afternoon tea and 5-6 breast feeds) We have been to a Peadiatrition and he is not concerned. On the plus side At 12months she is still in the same clothes she wore at 6 months

DD 19/10/03 & Trainee Doula

my son was 2460grms at birth and was only 20-30 cms long at birth he is very small and still is today he is 2.5yrs and only weights 9660 grms and 76 cm long so he is very well under the 3rd percentile and always will be unti he is bigger
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