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how big is your baby????? Rss

my son Nicholas is 8 months old and is 10.5kg's
He is a very heavy little boy, and he likes to be picked up all the time, but i just cannot do it as he "breaks" my back everytime.

it seems compared to everybody elses baby my son seems to be underweight of them all.
at birtyh he was 2.460 grms and 30 cm long and now he is 2 yrs and 9 months and is under 10 kg and is 76cm long. so i dont see how people can comment on their child having weight issues when it seems that my son isnt putting any weight on at all. he is a very active boy and only has 1 day sleep which only lasts for 1 hr and then doesnt sleep much for the night. i would like people to see how they would go feeding a baby that is always on the go and never stops?
Tanya, Hi,
I was just reading your post, about your son, Jordan, and wondering what he does during all that awake time? particularly at night,
he must be so busy!...

my son would go nuts if he did not get all his sleep, but he's only 10 months old, so really needs


Liam Evan, 2

Hi Tanya,

My theory is if our children are happy and healthy what does weight matter. And by the sounds of it he is burning it all off by being so active. My little girl is only six months, people keep telling me that she is not little and that she must be in a good paddock. It really annoys me, she was a big baby to begin with and she has stayed that way.
The important thing to me is that she is happy and healthy, what more can any mother want.

Stacey, Alison 11/10/04, Jack 23/3/06

i too wonder about my kids weight, it really annoys me when people comment on how big my daugher is. shes just turned 4 and is 26kg. thats a lot compared to other i know. she is a bit on the chubby side but she eats well and is very active. it just annoys me cause people automaticly think shes fed on crap. im not deniying that she joes have her junk but i think its as much as anyother kid she has home cooked meals for tea and sanwiches for lunch and occasionly takeout.
theres no real reason for her being big she just is...
my son is 10 months and is about 11kg. he seems to be compleately differant to her at that age. i wonder if its because she was bottle fed and he was breast fed till 7 months???
i hate that we continually quetion weather we are doing the right thing for our kids..


i inderstand where u are comming from my son is 8 1/2 months and it around 12kg
people always go to me oh you can tell he gets feed. He doesnt eat very much but is still a big boy

Jade(Ryleigh 24/07/2004)

My bubba is 11 months old and she weighs 11.5kgs. She was 10kgs at 6 months so she hasn't put much on in the last 5 months. Balancing herself out now I guess. AND I don't get that many comments on how big she is anymore.

QLD, Mum to Chloe 16.05.04 + Caiden 25.08.06

Hi chelby,

Your not alone as my baby boy who is almost 7 months weighs 9.8kg, unsure about the length but is long. He is also in those huggies toddler nappies. I am still really unsure on if I am feeding him too much.

I find it a bit humourous how the nappies that we use for our babies don't match the recommended weight they suggest. I think I'll have to potty train him before they run out of sizes to fit my boy.


Shannon, NSW, mum to Corban (14.9.04)

Hey Tayna don't worry Cooper was born at 2670g and at almost five months is just 6kgs for the rest of his life he'll be tiny and won't weigh much (though that is cause he's ill) but some people are ment to be tiny my husband is 6.2 and pushes 60kg at the best of time but he can't put on weight even though all he eats is junk food. I feed Cooper almost hourly during the day though he does sleep a good 12hr+ at night with cat naps during the day i also give him 2 bottles of s26 200ml. As your son grows older he'll come into his own and things will be good as long as his needs are met (and i'm sure you do them well) he'll grow fine, he just burns more he could be our newest olympian with all that extre energy just wait and see

NTH, QLD, Cooper,25/11/04

Don't get me wrong Tayna your doing a wonderful job Jordan wouldn't be so good without you. It's hard but it's all worth it. cuz there's no price greater than that of the health, saftey, and love we mother's have for our children. your doing a bangup job sweetie.

NTH, QLD, Cooper,25/11/04

hi helsyd,
jordan is just non stop playing ball watching tv drawing running around the house and just getting into things he shouldnt be. overall he is just a busy boy

cheers tanya
jordan is also very ill boy. he has bowel disorder called hirshpungs disease where the anus doesnt work properly , missing chromosone and devlopmental delay so he does have problems with his weight because of that just at the moment we are just stresed trying to feed him

cheers tanya
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