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how big is your baby????? Lock Rss

my dd is one of the small babies, at 6mths yesterday, she weighs 6.4kgs, length 62.9, head circumference 40.7. she is breast fed and has one or two solid meals a day. something that i have been wondering about is changing her car seat around to face forward, you are supposed to wait until they are 8kgs but the rate she is going she wont get there until she is close to 12mths, so for all you other mums of small bubs out there when did you change the seat around? did you wait till 8kgs or not?

sam,VIc, girl 12/10/04, 4 and 6 yrs boys

hey sam, I am facing the same thing with my girl, she is 8 1/2 months and I really REALLY want to change her carseat around hers is not to 8 or 9 kgs, either, but she is just on literlly 7kgs at the moment. but shes quite long at 74cms, so she almost looks to long to be facing rear if that makes sense?? poor little thing tho lol she always turns her head around when were driving around, unless she falls asleep, so Im so afraid shes gnna get a crick in her neck lol

were also told her in NZ not to change them around till their 12 months, but I dont think I intend on following that rule at all lol 8kgs baby and shes around!!! haha But I think it's a long way to get there too, shes taking just over four months to put the last kg on lol

Anyways take care lots of love Kel and Mckenzie xoxoxox

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

hi, i have a 8 month old girl who is 10.5 kilos and 76cm long(she was born 5kg,11pounds and 58cm long) the clinic is happy with her weight( considering her birth weight) and she is one beautiful bonnie girl. so as long as your happy with your babys growth it does not matter what the book tells you because my baby has been way of the chart since the day she was born. she is not a big eater she is just one tall girl. A nd even more amazing is i actually had her naturally(ouch) nikki

i didnt wait until my son was 8 kg because he was getting too advetnurous and wanted to watch where he was going so about 7.5 kg i waited til i turned him about
My boy is the biggest in our mums group (of 14 babies) and not the oldest. After reading here it doesn't seem that he's as big as I thought lol.

At 4 months he was 8.6kg and 66cm. He has 4 feeds a day of 200 - 260ml and I am no hurry to start solids.

Most people think he's at least 6 months old though....

Wanda, Melb. Cody 22.12.04 & Jai 30.4.06

my boys 6 months old and he is eating 3 meals a day half a jar each time. But can't seem to get the formula above the 180 mark?????

My son is 7 months on the 27 april and he is 71-72cm long, and wieghs 10.9kg. Don't worry I was starting to think the same thing but some babies are just alittle big.Thats not a bad thing at least if she gets sick she has something to fall back on.My son was only 7pounds 4ounces(3.380kg).He was tiny when he was first born, but he also snaped his bouncer at 5 months.So some babies are small and some babies are big,we just got the big ones. hehehe

SAMMIE, QLD, 6mth baby boy

My son is 7 months on the 30 April and he weighs 9.8 kilo and is 76 cm long. When anyone asks how old he is and I say 7 months, they are all shocked as they reckon he looks about 9-10 months. The nurse that weighs and checks my son says that I should not be worried as he is in great proportion. She said the only reason to worry at this age is if they weight overtakes there length dramatically. Thats not a bad thing at least if she gets sick she has something to fall back on. My son was only 6pounds 11 oz (3.020kg). He was tiny when he was first born, but at 6 weeks went from the berast to formula and just boomed!! He now has a weetbix for breafast followed by 120 ml bottle about 40 mins later then about 10.30 he has some vegemite toast and then will have apples/pears for lunch and then have another 120 ml bottle at about 2.30 then will have vegies at 5pm followed by another bottle about 6.30-7.00, then bed. But also he might graze on a biscuit or bread rusk through out the day. He is very content with this and I'm not going to deprive him of food if he wants it.

Mum of Sebastian 30.9.04


I had Riley weighed a couple weeks ago- he was 12 weeks and he weighed in at 7.15kg... unfortunately didn't get his length. He is just in toddler sized huggies and due to his length is in 12month old clothes. Do I have a monster???
His dad is very tall, and we're both thin but can both eat alot... Riley definitely has the same eating habits.
I'm not too worried as the nurse said he is in proportion and really thriving but when he sits next to kids twice his age it is a little scary


Hi, My "little" man is 5 months old next week and is 9.1 kgs and 73cm long!!!! Which I think is not bad for a baby born 2 weeks early at 9 pound 14!!!!

His size doesn't bother us as he is always happy and sleeps from 9.30 p.m. until 8.00 a.m. and has since 2 months old. It is rare that he cries, although his gums are giving him trouble.

We just feel very blessed as it took us 11 years to make him, eventually going to IVF.

Tristan's Mum

Congrats Samantha!

Wow - 11 years - glad you finally got your dream.

Hi Samantha,

Congratulations on your little miracle, what a bonny little boy, our daughter was the result of IVF as well after 5 years of trying.

Amy is 3mnths old now and is 6.07kgs and 61cms long and Ive had a lot of comments from people saying "are you feeding her steriods" (she's 100% breast feed) she was born 7lb and 51cm long so it is nice to have the piece of mind that Im not the only one with a bonny baby.

Amy sleeps through the night as well from 8.30pm to 7.30am so it is good to see some other babies are doing so from a young age as it appears to be a rariety.

All the best with your bundle of joy

Malise, Rotorua, mum of Amy 23.01.05

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