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When did your bub start rolling over?? Lock Rss

My 5 and a half month old DS has always hated tummy time so I didn't really do it much with him until I got told off by the CHN because of the flat spot on the back of his head... Anyways she also said that he should be rolling over by now, that some babies don't roll over til 6 months but that is really late. Should I be worried that he's not rolling over yet? He rolls onto his side from his back sometimes but never from his tummy - he just lays on his tummy with his head on his arms, sucking his hands! Is there anything different I should be doing?
Hi, babies roll, sit, crawl, walk and talk all when they feel like it!!! My now 2 year old DD didn't roll till she was between 5 and 6 months, but my DS who is 15 weeks, started rolling last week, and he does it the hard way, back to front. If your really worried see the dr, but as long as he is developing normally, I would think this is just him. the only thing I could suggest is, get him up on the point of the roll and let him go, so he rolls and he might get the idea. Good luck
I had the same concerns as you but I was lucky to have a great CHN. She told me as long as he was trying it was ok. He get up onto his side often but not all the way over. He did it once when he was quite young (4 months - think it might have been an accident) then not again until last week. My son also hates tummy time. He has quite bad reflux. Obviously my son can roll. He's done it twice. I think he chooses not to, he has not motivation because he hates being on his tummy.

My son rarely rolls but he sat unsupported quite early. Remember all babies do things at their own pace.

Hi there,my DS is 5 months and 1 week,he also hated tummy time.The last 2 weeks ive been using gaviscon infant in his bottles due to a late diagnosis of silent reflux-He now likes tummy time. But he isnt that interested in rolling yet.
I did see him roll from tummy to back once but that might have been a fluke.If i put him on his side he gets himself onto his tummy or his back.Just yesteday he reached for his toes but cant quite grasp them yet only touch.
He has very strong neck and back muscles and can lift and and hold his upper and lower body off the ground for quite a while.I dont think he is developing slow i just reckon he prefers to do other things rather than roll atm. Its only the rolling that hes not really doing..but that will happen when he feels the need to.

My DD hated tummy time and didn't roll over until she was 6 months. I was worried too because everyone told me that she should be rolling over by that age.

I just did more and more tummy time and started putting toys just out of her reach to encourage her.

Once she started rolling she didn't stop. she rolled tummy to back first and then a few weeks later mastered back to tummy and then she was off rolling around the room.

I wouldn't worry about it, they all get there in their own time. Once he starts rolling, everyone will then ask you if he is crawling and then you'll start worrying about that!!!
My ds started rolling at 3 months then stopped until last week when he started again. And he only does it because he wants to get at something. He also goes to his side and not all the way over a lot. I wasn't worried about it as I knew I could go put the washing out and know he was going to stay in one place! Your CHN shouldn't be telling you he should be rolling by now babies do everything at their own pace. Your ds may crawl "early" and never roll! My ds prefers to sit more than lie down and he had a flat spot back/side of his head which is gradually going from sitting and now because he enjoys being on his tummy.

I did find that putting ds on his tummy when he wasn't enjoying it in front of other babies helped distract him especially seeing them roll and crawl.

Don't feel bad about it as long as he is happy and healthy then he should be just fine

My son started rolling over at 12.2weeks. Like most other babies he hates tummy time but is still very strong in the neck from the time he has on the shoulder.
My son was a prem and we were told that he might be a bit slower at doing things like this but he very advanced at some things.

Every baby is different and ages that they should be doing things are just a guide.
At 5.5mths my bub wasn't rolling. He just started at 6mths. He had been sitting unsupported since 5mths. I started by putting a rolled up nappy under his arms whilst he was on his tummy and lay down with him, whilst he played with something. Bit by bit his muscles got stronger and he stayed longer on his tummy. He hated it until I used the nappy. Then I actually practised rolling with him, making it a game to get toys etc. This did help. A couple of weeks later he was rolling on his own. I would pull his leg across his body to roll him from back to front to show him how to do it. It did work, but then again, he may have just started doing then anyway!!!

DD started rolling from front to back at 3 months and from back to front at 4 months. She has always loved tummy time and is rolling all over the place when on the floor now.


Breanna is 3mths old today and she also decided that today was the day she would roll from back to her front. She has done it almost everytime I have put her down.

I try and give her plenty of tummy time but she doesn't enjoy it and gets really frustrated, which has been a pain today due to her rolling lol.

Riley did this at 4 and 1/2 mths, so like the other posters have said, every bub is different and they all have their strength/weaknesses in different areas.

Mandy xox

DD never really liked tummy time - does the "aeroplane flying" things with her arms! LOL

She first rolled at just over 7mths (back to front). She is now almost 8mths old and just starting to learn how to roll from front to back.... I still have to "rescue" her in her cot when she has rolled onto her front and doesn't know how to get back smile
lol your baby sounds just like my daughter, she would lie on her tummy and suck her hands, although last couple of weeks has started supporting herself more with her arms during tummy time, she still hates it to this day.
dont worry about the the rolling, my daughter took until after 6 months(she recently turned seven months) to start rolling, and we practiced with her, rolled her each way, and still she didnt do it till she was ready, and now does it on a regular basis.its mainly to get to a toy, or sippy cup,etc, but she has gotten very good at it
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