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14 months - not walking!! Lock Rss


My DD is 14 months now (corrected age 12 months), walking with holding along playpen & sofa, but still falls down easily. I'm very worried about this. I'm not sure if her legs got any problem. Se has been doing this since she was 11 months. That means she has no improvement on walking during the past 3-4 months. Can anyone share their experiences with me?

dont worry they all do stuff in their own time my first walked a nine m and my second walked and crawled in the same months about 15/16m and was two on saturday and is now runninmg and climbling!!!Also nicole was prem 2 and they do take time to catch up beckie mum to emilie 4 nicole 2 and ella bel 6m


I just wanted to say if you are at all concerned see a doctor but I know someone whose baby did not walk until 22 months! I would say if corrected age is 12 months most babies do not walk until after they are 1 anyway. My son crawled really early and started walking around furniture at 7 months but then did not walk until 13 months - so thats 5 months it took for him to figure it out. He also fell over a lot.

Seeing a doctor will reassure you and if there is a problem with her leg muscles or you think she may walk a funny way they can get onto it early.

Good luck and I am sure you will be chasing her everywhere soon!
My DS is 14 months and also not walking unaided. He is very happy crawling and zooming around the furniture whilst holding on. I read that it's recommended to see a doctor if your baby isn't walking by 18 months.

Hello Melissa, My two sons were both born with bilateral talapies, and their developement in walking and crawling was perfectly fine, your son seems like his happy and healthy and getting used to his balance, its like trying to write with the opposite hand it can take ages even though you know what you want your hand to do LOL. He has the strength to pull himself up to a sofa playpen, and if legs and feet look fine, they most likely are. Ps His a cutie smile
Thanks beckyxo smile

My son is 13 months old and is still holding onto furniture and taking side steps. He lets go of one of his hands so I know he is building up confidence in preparation to walking. So I know it won't be long. All babies develope at different stages so I try not to compare my son to other babies.

I was a late starter as I didn't walk until I was 18 months old! So don't worry, it will happen.


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