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What should I be doing with my 4mth old? Lock Rss

What sort of games/activities should I be doing with my bubba? She is four months old (Younger than i have been counting because i counted in weeks and only just found out that i should now be counting in months.) She can roll from back to belly and half way from belly to back. She tries to sit herself up from a lying position (DH calls them crunches)
What can I do to help her? What developmenta games are there?

Hello, just reading your post and thought back a few months, I used gentle row row row your boat, holding onto my sons hands with him in the sitting position both on the carpet and I sung row your boat (he loved it) it also helps them to use muscels they dont know they have LOL. Placing things just beside her like fav toys so she has to reach and roll to aquire is another idea, aiding her in the sitting position with a few moving flashing musical toys in frount of her is also another idea. Have fun smile
smile I think you are doing well, talk to her, sing to her, put toys just out of reach so she'll roll for them or use her body to get to them but dont stress about needing to do "developmental games" as such, they learn so much just from being with you, hearing you talk, going on walks etc - life is a great lesson and she's only four months.
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