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sitting unsupported Lock Rss

Hi there
i am just curious, is there anything that i should be doing to help DS to sit unsupported? or will he just do it in his own time?

he is six months at the end of the week. he can hold himself up for about 3 seconds, then falls to either side, but not backwards. he isn't sitting very straight yet when he is on the floor on his own (with me there to catch him when he falls of course), but when he sits on our lap his back is very straight.

should i just keep putting him in a sitting position with pillows etc around him?

Most MCHN'S etc say to just let them do it in their own time and don't encourage supported sitting with cushions etc.
My 1st DD started crawling first then went from crawling to sitting.
2nd DD who is now 9 months could sit but off to the side. A few days ago she started crawling properly and now goes from the crawling position to sitting and has started just tonight being able to sit herself upright. She still wobbles every now and then but is improvong everyday.
Hi there,
im not sure if this will work but I had that concern when ds was still not properly sitting up at around 6 mos so we decided to buy him a bumbo seat (got it from toys are us) and by him sitting in there for a week, improved his posture and his confidence and was able to sit on his own. I still use the bumbo seat when I feed him (on top of our bench top) while I try to do some other things next to him. Give it a try and see if that will work.
Your bub sounds perfect to me! Its a good time from 6 months to start propping them up with pillows. You will be suprised what they will be able to do over the next 3 months, it really does seem like they develop new tricks over night!

A good sitting thing I do with DS which helps them develop muscles is to sit on the floor with your legs out straight infront of you. Sit bubs inbetween your thighs and kind of lock them in with your thighs. They will then be supporting their own upper body and can loll to the sides or back and forward without any damage adn use the pressure of you locking them in with your thighs to correct themselves. Its hard to explain in writing, but its a nice little activity for the both of you.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi chicky,

In advance-please dont hate me for the long reply and the rant at the bottom which should be in a new post with its own

I responded to another post you had on rolling and i was saying how my bub didnt roll but he sat.
When my son started to do those ab crunches off the ground that is when i started to teach him.
I would sit on the couch and have him him sit on the ground in between my feet with his back against the couch, it gave my calves a good workout and he learnt to sit. lol.
Or i would arrange cushions/pillows around him and if he fell i would catch him but sometimes i was too slow and the pillows caught him.
I think maybe letting him fall kinda taught him as he realised he would have to try and support himself and learn balance.
But if you just practise sitting him up each day he will soon do it in time.

Ive noticed on here that some babies are having tummy time then learning to roll and i guess they then move onto commando crawling then crawling.
Where some will skip rolling and just sit(like mine) then then crawl or maybe even skip crawling and walk like my brother did.
They all do things differently.

Because my son had problems with not being able to bring up wind and was very gripey and bloated he couldnt stand to be lying down let along being on his tummy.
He preferred to stand and sit so thats what he learnt to do.
He is 6.5 months and still hates being on his tummy.
He doesnt mind being on his back but then again hes getting older and would rather be up looking around.

Babies will do what they want to do when they feel like it. Alot of it is to do with personality aswell, some babies are much more chilled and cautious and take there time some are the risk taker type lol.
Its quite exciting at this age seeing little individual personalities come through and its not just genetics and rate of development that determine it.

These days there are so many do's and dont's and all these new ways of raising children and these dvelopmental milestones that can actually stress out new mothers thinking there babies isnt developing properly.

I mean i think its great that theres a stronger emphasis on the care of babies but some things are a bit silly.
Our parents and ourselves turned out fine didnt we.

Anyway...i just think its greaT that we all have these babies doing differnt things.
How robotic and boring it would be if every baby was doing the exact same thing at the same time.
This site is great as it shows us that our babies are truley
unique individuals.

My DD is 4 months and she can sit up for 5 seconds so far, she's been practising since 3 months. I put pillows all around her and hold her hands, she balances herself and then when she ready I let go. If she falls I just catch her, but always have pillows just in case.
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