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Starting to crawl.... Lock Rss

Hi all

Just wondering how your babies started to crawl - did they go from tummy/commando crawling, or did they push themselves over onto hands and knees from sitting?

My 7 month old is very frustrated at not being mobile, but whenever she has tummy time her efforts to push forwards to reach things just make her roll over. She can get an awfully long way rolling over and over but its not exactly what she intended on doing!

When she sits (which is what she prefers) she reaches out in front so far that she tips over onto her hands and knees (and then face generally).

So I was just wondering whether there is a 'general' way of getting mobile?

my dd started commando crawling at 8 months and has never properly crawled! she is now pulling up on furniture and goes from her tummy to sitting with no problem. she likes to try and stand up solo too. I don't beleive she will ever properly crawl but I am not worried, she is getting around the way that makes her the happiest grin

A common way is that they will go on all fours and rock back and fourth from being on their tummy. They start just by pulling their knees up under their body, then eventually work out they can push up and be on all fours.

It is very frustrating for them and you need to let them get a little frustrating as its those moments they usually do things like push up on all fours and realise they can do it!

Soon enough your little one will be racing around the house and you will be wishing you could just put htem in one place and know they will be there when you get back - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My bubs has been commando crawling for 1 week and got up on his hands and knees tonight for a brief minute.

my 5mth old is sitting up now & starting to lift himself on to his hands & toes... god love him, its so cute cos he cant quite get on his knees and go, he is so anxious to move move move!!

Wife to be, Mum of 3.

Hi, my DS went from his tummy to commando crawling at 7 months! He does go up on his knees and hands and also hands and tip-toes but always commando style crawling! From chatting to other Mum's there are so many ways of 'crawling' and some skip crawling altogether (my husband never crawled as a baby).

My DS actually took off out of nowhere with crawling one evening after a mug his Dad has just placed on the floor....maybe make sure toys are not placed directly in front of her so she has incentive to move!!

Its exciting when they are on the move but they get around so quick wink
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