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what is your 6month old doing??? Lock Rss

hi, my dd is nearly 6months old...

is rolling from tummy to back, back to tummy, and quite often all around the floor.Tries to get up on her knees and shuffle forward when on her tummy. Arches her back and shuffles around alot on her back, she can sometimes get quite a distance like that.
moves all over the place in her cot,even onto her tummy in there..
cannot sit unsupported yet..quite a wee way away from that i think.
Has 1 solid meal a day..will increase that to 2 or 3 over the next few weeks.Has no teeth, but think some are close.Is breastfed every 2hours of the day..
Sleeps from 7pm till 7 or 8am.

Whats everyone elses 6month old doing?
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hi, DS is 6.5mths,
he is rolling back to tummy. has been sitting unsupported for about 2wks (he loves that). He can reach out for toys etc while sitting by himself without losing balance. He doesnt move around cot much, he has always been a belly sleeper. he is on 3 solid meals a day (im currently cooking up another batch atm). He says 'dad'. he is trying very hard to get up on his knees. He has x4 210ml bottles a day. Sleeps 7pm till 7am. no teeth yet, wont be far away i dont think.

My DD is 5.5mths she is rolling both ways, she hates her stomach so i doubt she will be crawling anytime soon. Still sits supported, Is on 3 solid meals a day, Is breasfed, sleeps 7pm-5am Waking up once a night, cat naps through the day, and has 2 teeth.

DS just started rolling back to front the other day, but has now forgotten how to get front to back, so just stays on his tummy...odd cos he always hated tummy time. he will stay like that for about 3 to 5 mins then gets frustrated.

he spins around on his back to get to a toy he wants when he is on his mat on the floor.

he stays where he is in his cot most of the time, but occasionally pushes himself backwards a bit (so we have had to stop using his movement monitor cos the alarm kept sounding!!)

he is close to sitting unsupported but hasn't quite got his balance sideways (he has a bit of a slow swagger, but is starting to put his arms out to stop himself but his arms aren't strong enough yet i think!)

he is having 2 solids a day but doesn't really have much interest in it, he will open his mouth for the first few mouthfuls and then gets bored.

DS is 6 months old today! He has been rolling back to front for about a month now, sometimes goes front to back but not all the time. He spins around while on his tummy to reach toys and look at everything around him. He is almost sitting unsupported. He reaches for objects (everything really) and if he drops it he can pick it back up again if he can reach it. He can transfer objects between hands and is starting to use "pincher grip" to pick up smaller objects. He babbles all the time and can say dadadada which is so cute! He blows raspberries too and thinks its hilarious!

Hes on 3 solid meals a day and 4 or 5 200 ml bottles. He sleeps from 7:30-8pm to 7-8am with a dream feed at 11pm. He loves his food (and everyone elses) Im sure he would eat all day long if I let him!

He had his 3rd haircut today all ready for Santa pics tomorrow...He likes Santa too BTW He likes to feel his beard!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

DD is almost 6 months, she can roll both ways, tries to push herself up and crawl when she is on her tummy (arms arent quite strong enough though), she can sit unsupported and can pull herself back up when she falls backwards or forwards but not sideways yet, and she can spin herself around to grab things she wants. She also pushes up so she is basically standing up on her head when she is left on her back lol. She used to move all around her cot but I got a safety sleep to prevent that. She tries to chase the dog and the cat LOL and she can pick up toys that she wants and pass them between her hands. She squeals and is constantly making some form of noise (banging her rattle on the tray of her highchair is her favourite!)

She eats 3 solid meals a day (usually a whole can each meal LOL) and 4 bottles. She is still tiny though, only put on 2.5kgs since birth but she is about 72cms long. She sleeps 6pm to 8am. She snatches the spoon off me and tries to feed herself and she can pick up and have a drink from her bottle or sippy cup on her own.
[Edited on 06/12/2008]

My son will be 7 months old on the 14th and he has been sitting unsupported since 6 months. He can reach out to grab toys in front of him and swap toys from one hand to another.He sleeps on his side and often rolls to his tummy when he wakes up in the morning.He can shuffle up his cot too..He hates being on the floor though and he wont roll, but he has rolled when been on me and he even gets onto his hands and knees and rocks on me.
Ive just put him in the walker this week and he gets around in that.He can stand up in it and hold his own weight for short periods.
He has recently learnt to put his his arms out to me when i put my arms out to him to be picked up..its so cute.
Not so cute when he grabs,pinches and scratches my face.
He babbles a lot and makes sounds starting with b,d and m(ive even heard him say mummy a couple of times).He loves food alot and would eat 4 meals if i let him, especially fruit and custard.He eats a whole jar of food every time.
But its quite funny as he is quite small for his age weighing 7kg and still in 00 clothing.
Drinks 5-6 140 ml bottles a day and no teeth yet.Sleeps through the night sometimes waking once or twice for the dummy.sleeps from 8.30pm-6-7am.
Has had several haircuts and has a long ratstail atm.
Likes to play with my hair when sleepy and having bottle.
[Edited on 07/12/2008]
[Edited on 07/12/2008]

My DD is 6 months and she is rolling around all over the place. She gets up on her knees when she's on her tummy. She's can't sit up unsupported yet. Trying to get her on to solids...hates farex! Only thing she has liked so far is apple. She won't eat her veggies.

She weighs 6.5kgs, bottle fed. Sleeps from 8pm to 8-9am. Has always been a really good sleeper which has been nice. Is a happy little girl most of the time. She has her moments...don't they all!

my DS is almost 7 months old and he is a excellent roller i will put him down and he just roll around the lounge room.

he has been crawling for 2 weeks now and he is so much happier now that he can move around.

He loves any food you give him typical male. he is a porker when we last weighed him he was 9kg a big boy.

ethan is a refluxer but we haven't had any problem with the reflux since he started sitting up and started him on solids it's like he has grown out of it. yay.


My DD is 6mths and 1 week. She has been getting on her hands and knees for about two weeks now and rocks back and forward. She rolls both ways as well. Feeding is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Loves the pear and banana farex hates the plain one, likes some of the custards and I make her chicken and veges which she will eat if she feels like it. She has also been a bit parshal to a baby bickie or two. Sits aided but not quiet unaided yet. Even though she is not crawling she will get to where ever she wants by getting onto her hands and knes and lurching forward then repeating this till she is where she wants to be. She is 5.96kg and 62.5cm so she is only a littly but manages quiet
My DS is rolling both ways quite well & very often gets found on the other side of the room by doing this!! He's trying desperately to get up on his knees, but hasn't quite succeeded yet. The coordination is not quite there!

He is now moving really well in his cot, despite wearing a sleepsack & I often get a chuckle in the morning when I see what position he has found himself in overnight!

He's getting close to sitting unsupported, but not quite yet. Topples over when he reaches for something.

He has a HUGE appetite with 3 solid meals a day + dessert usually after dinner. Think he eats more than his 2 year old cousin!! He's bottle fed, but never been a huge drinker of milk - even before the solids. He's on 4 bottles a day & I try to get 150ml of formula in him each time, except the night bottle before bed, where he'll happily drink 200ml.....even after all that dinner!!

He has no teeth, but hopefully soon!!

He sleeps from 7-7, but has recently been waking up for a bottle again around 5am. Either the hot weather or a growth spurt. Hoping it won't last!!

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