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SITTING UP??? Lock Rss

My little girl is now 10.5 months and still is not sitting unsupported??? For some reason she hates sitting and everytime we try to sit her up she straightens her legs.
Mentally she is really developed and says about six or seven words already but I think she is a little behind physically.
She has mission crawled from about 9 months but still wont crawl on all fours and isn't pulling herself up yet.
Do you think this is worrying???
All babies develop differently. Not usre if it'll help but to get my son sitting more he had a musical playgym that converted to a keyboard (sitting/standing) I used to prop him up in this quite often and gradually his back muscles strengthened.
It sounds like she just doesn't like sitting very much. My son was never to interested but I persisted and would often sit on the floor with him, this helped him.
Hope this has shed some light for you.

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Hi Sian,
My little boy was actually crawling (army style) before he could sit up by himself, he was 10 months before he could sit up by himself!


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Hi Sian,

The way my boy learnt to sit up was in a plastic washing basket. I would sit him in there with a few toys, this took a couple of weeks then he was sitting on his own unsupported. I hope this works for your little one. He is now just over 9 months old but nowhere near crawling.

Good luck.


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Hello Sian,
I agree with Kristy all babies develop differently, my son also didn't sit up till late he was just too bust grabbing things lying on his belly to bother with sitting, eveytime I would sit him up he would lean forward to grab something in front of him it was really frustrating but he didn't mind and he's 1 on the 25th June and has only been crawling properly for a few weeks. Don't worry your daughter will do all the proper things in good time, don't rush it as you said she's picking up wods so maybe that's more important to her than sitting.

Good luck,

BelindaQld, 4 children (1 in heaven)

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