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Biting Lock Rss

My 9 month old has his 2 bottom teeth and his two top ones have just come through.
He has just started a habit of biting people. When we are holding him he keeps biting us really hard on the shoulder , or wherever he can get his teeth into. He bites really hard!
Are other babies doing this?
I am hoping it is not a habit that will continue for long. We try to tell him that he shouldnt bite people and that his teeth are for eating food but at 9 months he obviously doesnt really know what he is doing and just grins at us.
Do you think it is just a thing with his new teeth that will pass?

baby boy

Hi Ladybird

My son did the same thing when his teeth came through - especially to MY shoulder. Everytime another tooth came through he'd start doing it again, I think they do it more because it feels good to bite down on things when they are teething rather than to seek attention etc, like you said they don't really know what they are doing. I tried to ignore it as much as possible and just said no and put him down everytime he did it, it did stop. But as I said, he does it everytime a new tooth comes through. I hope this helps.

All the best
Jasmine smile
Hi Ladybird,
My youngest son is doing the same thing! he bites my cheek, chin, chest whotever he can get his lil teethies on 2! I say No in a voice that he knows is "oops im in trouble!!" that normally works for a lil while but other then just telling him off every 5 mins i get a teething toy or rusk and give that to him to chew on so hes not chewing on me! Hope this helps and good luck with the biting smile

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

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