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Doesnt time go so fast.... Rss

Hello to all - I was just thinking this morning and getting all sentimental that time has gone so fast since my little man was born in June last year.
Being a big bub 9pound born and always longer and heavier than the average bub I feel that he was not little for long enough!!

I look at him now and cannot believe that he is crawling madly, pulling up onto furniture and developing such a devilish personality with even the odd defiant moment when told no!!

Even tho I always only wanted 2 children, I can see how one can be tempted to have another, just so they can be that little defenseless newborn to cuddle in your arms again. It doesnt take long before those long cuddles are a thing of the past as your little toddler wants to explore all the time.

Does anyone else have these thoughts, I guess as parents we just need to cherish every moment....

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

its funny, u know i was reading a magazine this morn and it had all neborns and i got all cluky thinking of being in hospital holding my new bonr again. my lil man dylan is only 6 months old but he is so big now! with me eldest sn he gre wup way too fats/1 still does1 he is 19 mths now and has never beena baby! did evertything way too fats so i am cherishing every minute of dylkan being a baby lol he may be my last, though id love a third baby, but the sleepless nights r so hard! lol

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

My bub was big too! He was 10lbs born and was mobile by three months! He was born in May so he is now 10months and walking!
I do get clucky when I see other babies and I buy those baby magazines just to see the babies and the teeny tiny things you can buy in there!
I feel so tempted to have another one! But my fiance knows it would be such a handful! but I just want someone to cuddle that wont push me away to walk to the toy cupboard and pull everything apart!
Being a mum is truly the most rewarding experience!

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