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when did your baby cut their first tooth? Lock Rss

Its been 8 years in between being mum to a baby so its all so new again for me!
I am just trying to get an average of when other babys' first teeth came through. My lil 5 month old has starting showing signs of teething & am wondering if it really does happen this early! From memory, my eldest didnt cut her first till she was a few months older...but then again it was 8 years ago!
Thanks ;o)
Yes it can happen that early! my DS cut his first tooth when he was 4months old!!! He is now almost 1 and has 8!!!

first signs of teething at 3 months, both teeth appeared at 4months. now at 8 months she has bumps all over her top gums and she's had signs of teething for about 6 weeks.
Hi there, my DS was alomst 10 months old when he cut his first tooth, now hes almost 13 months old and he has 9 teeth with number 10 well on the way. They have popped up one after another.
My dd started showing teething signs at 10 weeks! They were bad too- the cheeks, the dribble, the absolute crankiness! She only cut her first tooth on Sunday though- at 9 1/2 months old!
liv cut her first tooth at 6 and half months and now at 9 and a half months has 8 of them!!!! the bottom teeth were a breeze but her top ones are massive and have been a killer!!!

my baby girl is starting to teeth at 11 weeks any idears anythink that helps.
my son cut his 2 bottom teeth at 5.5months old, they're half way out seem to be taking ages but the health sister said it can sometimes take a while or happen really quickly
My DS cut his first tooth at 14 weeks and the second came through at 16 weeks. I can understand how you forget, I am right there with you. I have a seven year age gap and it is amazing how much you forget, or in my case I think I just data dumped it!!
My baby bella is 4 months---she got hers on monday!
Yep, my DS cut his 1st tooth at 6 months and by 1 year he had 8 choppers, now has molars moving up top.

my DD cut her first tooth at 71/2 months. Within a week she had 4.
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