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when did your baby cut their first tooth? Lock Rss

DD1 was born with her two bottom teeth.

DD2 got her first tooth at 3 months and the rest followed through very quickly

DS3 got his first tooth at 3 months old as well they all seemed to come at once with him.

DD4 is 5 months old and hasnt got a tooth yet so i am happy she isnt another early teether like the rest of them lol

DD was 3.5wks prem but still cut her first tooth at 4.5 months. She is now nearly 13 months and is cutting her 12th tooth (she has 3 molars and 1 incisor coming through at the same time)

hey thanks for the news i have a 4 month old and she has cut her first tooth and has 2 more ans well how did u get throught the months.?? she just crys and crys thanks
My little one started teething around 8 weeks old but didn't get a tooth through until 7 months old.
I found the rusks helped alot. They only came through after i introduced them to him. He loved chewing on them!
He now has 4 teeth at the top, and 2 at the bottom... Soon to be 4 smile (9 months)
My daughter was 8 week prem and cut her first tooth at 2 months old (Corrected) and my son who is 5 months at the moment has been teething for 2 months but hasn't cut any yet. They are all very different smile has teething kits for everything you need to get through teething with your little one. Check it out for great advice and kits delivered when you need them.
DS has just cut his 1st 2 teeth bottom teeth a day before he turned 8months. pretty excited now im beginning not lol biting mummy now
My daughter turned 1 last Friday and cut her first tooth the day before her birthday!
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