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Playing on their Own Rss

Hi Everyone,

I tell you i am getting nothing done during the day anymore as DD is wanting more of my attention. Gone are the days when she would lay under her play gym happily. I am finding more now she will only play on her own for a maximum of 15mins before she grizzles for me to play with her or give her something else to do.
Please tell me this gets better when they start crawling and can explore and do more things on their own. My DD is SO close to crawling she up on hands and knees rocking but just can't co-ordinate the front and back half together.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Hi Natasha,

Kyla has just started to kinda move forward like a caterpillar but it gets her to where she wants to go and I can say she is no much happier etc. She will lay there and then when she gets bored she looks around and heads for different toys etc and slowly gets around the room and really entertains herself!
So it does get just gotta watch them like a hawk though.

Kyla has already discovered the VCR buttons tongue
Well my son is crawling and standing up on everything so unfortunately (well not really) he is still taking up my time as i have to keep on eye on him so as to try and cut down on the lil oopsie's we have.. and he still likes playing with mummy more than on his own.. i just get whatever i need to get done completed whilst he is in bed napping or of a night time.. they grow up so fast that i am quite happy spending all my time with him..

Meagan, Xavier 20-07-05, Jellybean c/s 11-12-06

It totally gets better, well it did when DD started crawling and now cruising the furniture. I have always made DD have time on her own though, I think that has helped. Some crusty old midwife told me that in hospital - LOL. I found with DD that she would get really demandind and frustrated at that point where she wanted to move, but hadn't figured out how to do it. I use to leave things out of DD's reach to help motivate her to move. I think if you can let her whinge a bit, its a good thing as she will try harder to move. If your DD is rocking, in no time she will take her first 3-4 'crawls' - then she'll be following you around the house. Its amazing just how quickly they can crawl once they take those first few crawls.

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Hey Natasha!

It does get easier!!!!! Arianna was a shocker at that inbetween age! I never got anything done - however I did try to encourage her to play on her own as much as possible - she wasn't neglected in anyway - I just didn't want a clingy child later on that wasn't capable of playing on her own! Things have to get done.....So I got into a routine of spending each morning with her - and around lunch time she would eat then at 1pm she goes down - after her afternoon sleep and a snack she has learnt that this is playtime on her own until dad comes home. It has worked really well so far! This gives me a chance to clean up for the day, take washing off, organise tea etc....When she started crawling though she usually just follows me around or plays with our cat or watches the dogs! She is far more independant - and loves just watching me do what I need to do!


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