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How much does your 8 month old weigh? Lock Rss


Just wondering what the average size for an 8 month old is. My DD is 7.4kg.

Hi my DD is nearly 9 months and weighs just over 8 kg. I think shes pretty normal size
My DS is 8months tomorrow and weighs 8.55kg. The HCN said that he has dropped a percentile band during the last month.

my baby boy is 6 mths and 3 weeks old and he weighs just over 8 kg and he isnt over weight, ive been told by the baby nurse thats a healthy weight.
my boy had his CHN appt last week and weighed 11kg and is 74 cm long. so his weight is in the 97th percentile and length in 75th percentile. he hasn't started crawling yet, but is about to, so i am sure that he will even out a bit closer in the percentiles once he starts being a bit more mobile.

he is a big boy, but doesn't have that many fat rolls, he is kinda in proportion. his dad is 6'3" so i guess he takes after him (i am only 5'2").

i get some very suprised looks from people when they find out he is only 8 months old though! we had to buy him a stroller last week cos he just looked too cramped in his pram lol!!!

My son is 8months old today.
He got weighed today and he is 10.57kg and 73cms.
He is a big boy, but he is very much in proportion.
At 8 months my DD was 7.8kg, and that is just below the 50% percentile. MCHN was happy with that weight. I think your D sounds a good weight.
my DS at 8mths weighed 10.5kg.BUT he is very tall 75cm long. which is average for his height. he isnt a chubby baby, just normal baby rolls

My DD is 8 months and was weighed a few days ago at 9250gm and 72cm. But she's on the 90th percentile for both weight & length. I thought she would have dropped a bit since she's been a very active crawler for the past two months, but she loves her food plus we're a very tall family on both sides.

My DD is 9 months and 7.5kg... Dr not worried as she is very active crawling and walking with a walker

Amanda, Bianca & Cooper

hi everyone,
my little girl is 81/2mnths and she weighs 7.5kg and is 68cm long. she was small born and is still on the 25th percentile but she is in proportion and very active crawling etc. she doesnt drink alot of formula only 150mls 3 times a day but loves her food


My bubs is 7 1/2 months. He us 12kgs but not sure how many cms. Doctor thinks he is overweight and that i am over feeding him. Currently he is on 3 bottles (240mls) and plus 3 solid meals.

I think he is just a big baby cause he was born 5.17kg at 39 weeks.

Michelle, NSW 4 month old

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