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Tantrums in babies - 11 mths old Lock Rss

Hi Forumers,
I have a 11mth old boy, and in the last 3-4 weeks he has developed a mini tantrum that is totally out of character for him. Since he was born, he was a happy baby, although i know they change, i'm not sure how to deal with this. He is clingy, wants to be picked up all the time (which i abstain from) & throws tantrums when he doesn't want to be restrained (highchair, pram, car seat) anymore. it's not a full throw the arms in the air kick the legs around tantrum, just a loud stressed scream.
He doesn't have any teeth yet, and i was wondering if his teeth moving around may be causing some discomfort and making him unhappy?
I would love some ideas of what to do, as i want my happy boy back.

Manda, QLD, 3yr old boy + new baby boy

My son has been through this. Though a little older. It seem to me that he started when he began to realise that things don't always go his way and there are some things he just can't have. I found the best way was to walk away and ignore him, give him attention when he had stopped, kind of like positive reinforcement, he gets attention for the good behaviour not the bad. It hasn't stopped him from throwing tantrums but they don't last long and aren't as loud as they started to get. I think he realises he isn't going to get what he wants, no matter how loud he can screech.
Goodluck just keep the way you deal with it consistent and hopefully he wont develop a full blown tantrum.
He might be teething if he is clingy, my son has done this too, try rubbing some teething gel on his gums if his mood improves you may have your answer. A little panadol or nurofen (better for inflammation) helps with teething too. I know I never like to give bubs medicines unnecessarily but on a few occasions I have when his mood has been very miserable and clingy, if it improves him then perhaps he was in some sort of pain.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

My little girl has started to do the same thing. She has 2 bottom and top 2 are popping in and out all the time. If he is teething, you might see the gums looking slightly different possibly bubbling where the teeth are waiting to come through. A good indertor that the teeth are coming through is while bubbles as they are most likely to where the teeth pop through.

All i can serggest is if is it teething issues.
- teething gel i personally like SM33 gel as it works well for my daughter and my WISDOMS
- those gummy dummys there are 3 different types front teeth side and back ... you should take a look at where they might be coming through.
- wet face washer good to munch on

However if its not ... maybe you could make a game of the straps (put arm in pull arm out) maybe grab a toy distract him for being strapped. How is he once all strapped in? Could just the straps are bit to tight. How often is he being strapped in ... could you stop one ... like sitting on the floor eating.

The one thing i had to over come with Scarlett was pushing her arms through anything whether it was sleaves of clothers straps etc. So with everything i loosen it and she brings her arms out or puts them through.

Well hope it gave you some ideas - good luck hope is doesnt last long

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

Hi there

Sounds pretty normal to me - he's probably a bit frustrated in general and it's the only way he knows to deal with his frustrations (ie. teeth pain, being restrained etc).

I remember my son at the same age dropping to the ground and having a full on tantrum (banging his hands on the ground beside him) when i told him no to a very reasonable request!

Could be teeth, try teething gel, or wetting a little cloth and putting it in the freezer then having him suck on it, frozen teethers, rusks, etc might help.

Might also be that he's overtired or just a phase he's going through. you could always sit on the floor with him instead of picking him up, might work?

Good luck!

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