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i am currently pregnant with my 1st boy:)smilesmilesmilesmile

i have two girls (3 & 4yrs now) and i had them both successfully trained by just before their second birthday......

i am noticing more commonly now with family and friends that have boys that they are still not toilet trained.............. one is only just starting to do the toilet thing and he turns 4 in october.......

Is it asking to much, cause even though he is not here yet i want my boy to be at least in the process before 2?????????

What are your opinions?????
I've noticed that quite a few people have read your post and that no-one has replied.. They probably don't want to give you the bad news, so it's up to me!! Just kidding.. the youngest is only three months, so this doesn't apply yet! My eldest son was trained (after a long battle) at two and a half in th day, and three and a half at night. My second baby was a girl and was trained (by herself practically) at 18 months! (Honestly) She was night trained (by accidentally forgetting to put on a night nappy) four days later. I never even went past medium sized nappies with her. HOWEVER baby number three is a boy, aged 26 months and we are still waiting. I must say that having a new baby so close to the two year old has slowed down the training and so has the fact that he was in hospital early in the year for a couple of weeks which put the brakes on TT. The biggest thing I have learnt is to not put too much pressure on them - they dig in their heels and delay even more. Try not to make a big deal out of it and wait for the signs that they are ready. Routine is good - I would put mine on the potty next to the bath while the water is running each night. As you know - running water makes you want to go! It becomes routinely part of bath time then and we go from there. Some of my friends have had boys trained at under two, but they seem to be more frequent bed wetters, and longer to train at night. I have heard that there can be a genetic factor in bed wetting, slow toilet training etc. At least he'll have older siblings to model from...alll the best.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

Hi there,

My first was a boy, he is 7 now, and he was toilet trained by the age of 2. I have heard that boys are easier to train than girls. However, my little girl, 9weeks today, is at a day carer and her little boy is 3 and still wearing nappies.

I guess it depends on the child and the perserverance of the parent.


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Young mum

It's all crap my son was toilet trained at 20 months 1 week I stayed home and toilet trained him the next week he was out of nappies at night too with 1 wet night. It all depends on the parents it sounds to me like they couldn't be bothered spending the time to do it.

You'll be fine just be patient

As it goes some are easy and some are hard to train. My twins were trained before 2yrs Boy/Girl and within a week they were going their by them selfs. I have a 1yr old boy to train next but he is already showing some interest in the toilet and what you do so I'm hoping he'll be easy just like the twins were. It also is how stromg the parents are in the training process as once you start then i feel you nust keep it up rain or shine.
Hi there

I have experience in working with children, and the majority of children, boys and girls are toilet trained before the age of two.

Persistence and continuity are the key. Take your son to toilet as soon as he wakes and after he has had a big drink.

Also I have heard of people encouraging their children with sticker charts etc so that they know there is a "reward" and something to look forward to.

Obviously with two other children toilet trained you have alot of experience and probably know all about what I have said

Good Luck I hope to hear how it all goes.

All the best

2 Under 1

I have a 1 yr old and would like to introduce the toilet when summer approaches he'll be 16 months, is this too early as people do say that boys are harder to train, I don't know if i believe this as they also say that boys are slower than girls and have found that my son has developed that bit faster then baby girls I know.

How do a take that first step to toilet training? I don't want him to have a potty but would rather go with the toilet so I don't have to show him the big toilet later.

Please any suggestions would be great.

my son will be 2 in november but i would not dream of trying yet his brothre will be 3 in october & he is out of nappies now in the day time but still has nappies at nap & bed time i think with boys u are better to wait till 2-2.5

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Mel,

Nyrrek suggested above, and this is what i did, is to try just before the bath. The running water obviously helps, and it is a great starter for younger ones. No probs if they don't go, just try it each night!

Just thinking, this is only really helpful is your toilet is in the bathroom!!



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

It's true about the toilet being in the same room as the bath. We have a potty chair and have used that at bath time, but some people don't like having to 'retrain' to the toilet later. Even if you go next door to the toilet, your little one is already near naked ready for a bath and it's something you do every day, so it's a good time to start. Good luck!

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

My kids used a little insert seat on the toilet, otherwise they'd fall in! One liked the potty and I had no trouble at all getting her onto the toilet later on. We had the potty next to the big toilet and she watched us all use it, so she knew what it was for. You really have to wait until he can tell you that he has been or is about to go. Until then, all you are really doing is training yourself!

Mum of 3 under 5

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