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Hi all,

I have read a few bits and pieces on baby sign language and was wondering if anyone has any experience or has used it.

From my understanding it is a communication method for basic things like eat, drink etc before a child can speak and does no harm to development

I am really interested in having a way to effectively communicate with my baby so she doesnt get too frustrated when she is older.
Hey darkand stormy

My playgroup did a baby signing {tiny talk} class. They recommend the baby should be waving and clapping for the best results. It is good. Research has shown that babies with deaf parents have spoken earlier and are more articulate at an early age. It is a matter of repetion and enforcing what you are signing. We did it about 3 wks ago and no real results yet but DD isn't clapping {and shows no intrest in it} she waves quite well so we are keeping going. It is worth it as they apparently will use it up to about 4yrs old.

If you live in Bris. let me know and I will put you in touch with one of the ladies that does it

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld


My boyfriends three year old brother uses the baby sign language beacsue he has a disability and cant talk yet. But his little sister who is 14 months old picked it up when she was about 12 months old now she uses the sign and says the woed to let people know what she wants. Its a very effective thing. I'm trying to teach my 7 month old daughter how to do it as well. She looks at my hands when i do it but doesnt quite know how to do it her self.
I live in melbourne but if you want i could probably get you some info and email it to you. Let me know
My email is


Kaylas 3 and a half gowing up too fast

Hey dark and stormy

The number I got is a brissie no. but they might know about a sydney one

07 55805586

Good luck

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

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