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Loud screeching sounds Rss

Hi everyone,

I am new on this site and I would like to pick your brains.

I am a first time mum and my son (5 1/2 mths) has recently started making loud screeching noises, it sounds like he is frustrated with something, otherwise he is placid and has a lovely nature. Is this normal? has anyone else experienced this? Do you think he is throwing a tantrum? We could be just playing/singing or talking and he just starts screeching/shouting. He is not in any pain it is usually when we are playing.
Maybe he is just testing his vocal chords (I can tell you now, they are in good working order LOL).

Can someone enlighten me on what may be happening here.


DS 17/10/05

My wee man did exactly the same, probably for 3/4 weeks, still SCREECHES sometimes. I don't know why, but the health visitor actually checked that he was making these noises, so it must be an essenital part of their development. Just get some ear plugs!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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