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what weight and length is your 4 mth old Lock Rss

My DS is 15 1/2 weeks and he is 64.5cm long and 8.08kgs and was just wondering what everybody elses bubs weigh and their length.

Mum to Noah and Liam

Hi Oska 3, my son is 19 1/2 weeks and he is 63.5cm and 7.15kg (he was also 5 weeks premmie, birth weight was 3.11kg)
hello oska 3, my dd was 4 months last friday (6th march) she was 6.450 kg and 63 cm long and my ds (now 4 yr) was 7.520 kg and 66.5cm hope that helps
Hi my DD was 4 months on March 7th and was 62cm and 7.2kg.
Hi my 4 month old daughter is 67cm and 8kg. It's nice when they are chunky.
My 4 month girl is 65.5cm long and is 6.25kgs. My son at that age was 71cm long and weighed 7.42kgs.
My 18 week old son is 64cm long and 7kgs.
my ds at the 4 month check was 8.5kg and 64cm...
My DD just had her 4 month check and she is 5.65kg and 60cm (she was 2.9kg at birth and 51cm) - so tiny!

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Hello My son is 4 months today he has his check up on friday but to give you an indication he was 62.5cm long and 7.2kg at 2 months old hope this will help......
hi oska 3 my baby girl is 6.750 kg and is 66.3 cm long she is 4 1/2 months old
Hi, my baby is 5 months but at her 4 month check she was 5.6kg (12lb 8oz)and 59.8cm. She was 3.9kg (8lb 10oz) and 50cm when she was born. People always comment on how tiny she is and are shocked at how heavy she was born! They always ask if she was a premie but I was induced at 12 days past my EDD. She's just a compact little lady!
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