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what weight and length is your 4 mth old Lock Rss

hi oska my bella was 6.7kg and 64cm long at her 4 month checkup smile
hi everyone
samuel was 7.2kg and 66 cm long he will be 6 mnths old on the 3 april
[Edited on 28/03/2009]


My DD was 5 months old on friday and she was 5.6kg and 59.1 for length.

My daughter is 68cm long and 7.9kg she was 4 months old last Thursday.
my little aj is just 4mths and is 8.7kg
My son Thomas was born 4 December 2008. He's 16 weeks, 62cm length, and 7.51kg.
Thanks for this's really interesting to see a weight/height comparison of similar aged babies. And I can see that my little Thomas is...well, not that little...hehe. I love chubby bubbies!
my son was 7.86kg and 68 cm long at his 4 month check up 2 weeks ago
my boy is 4 months and 8.5 kilos and very long I think around 68 cm at last check..... i need a shoulder massage he is so heavy but i cant resisit carrying him around and hugging him all day he is just too cute!
hi my daughter is now 11 months and at 4 months she was 5.1kg and 60cm in length. She is now 7.69kg and 68cm long. She weighed 3.08kg when she was born at 37 weeks.

Oh my gosh..I just popped in to see how much 4 month olds weigh and i was shocked because DD is 9 weeks and she is 6.4kg and 61cm haha

yup i just popped in to see too, cos my little girl is 6.625kg's and 59.5cm's at 10 weeks! LOL

yeah me too I just popped in to have a look, my DS is 7 months and is 7.25kg and 65cm long.
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