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what weight and length is your 4 mth old Lock Rss

Just popped in to see what all the babies are weighing! My girl is not 4 months yet, but at 14 weeks weighed 6kg and 60cm, i thought she was quite big for her age, but it seems to be a trend to have chubby bubbys! they are just the cutest

My boy just had is 4 month check up and he is weighing in at a whoopper 9.5kg and is 66cm in height.
He was born on the 9th dec 09 and his birth weight was 8 pounds 1.

He is off the chart for his age.
My little girl just had her 4 month check-up today (and injections, the poor darling). She is 6.35kg and 66cm long. She was 3.68kg and 53cm when she was born (full term). She did a lot of her growing in the first two months, not a lot in the 3rd, and then all of a sudden, whoosh!
hello, this is my first ever post, so a bit nervous about how to do everything!... anyway, my little bubba was 62cm and 7kgs at 4 months..
[Edited on 06/05/2009]
My Daughter Jaide is 5mths today and weighs 7.57kgs and is 67cms long.She was 8lbs 6ozs wen born 7 days overdue.


At 4mths my son was 6.45kg and 63cm long. He is in the 50th percentile for everything, but reading some of your replies makes him sounds tiny.
My little men had there 4 mth check a couple of weeks back and there height & weights were
63cm & 6.6kg and the other was 62cm & 5.9kg ~ there birth weights were 6lb 12oz & 6lb 7oz ~ I can't remember in kg's so I think there doing pretty well
Hi Oska, My little bloke was 4months on thursday and he weights 7.85kg and 62cm long. It's actually nice to see the different ranges in length and size as I was thinking mine was very big as it turns out he ain't so bad.
Hi there

My little girl is 17 weeks old and had her 4 month clinic check this week. She weighed 7.1 kgs and 63.5 cm's long.
Weighday for 4month old Kurt, 8.62kg.Increased by 1.23kg (again)in a month.64.4cm length.Many disapproving looks from health nurse.
Chiropractor rubbing his mits as i am now best client.

Posted by: lesha1
Hi my 4 month old daughter is 67cm and 8kg. It's nice when they are chunky.

woohoo, another mummy with a bubba like mine. my daughter is 68cm and 8kg. lucky they are tall bubbys hey! i love my daughter being 'festively plump' (as my sister says). i think shes absolutely perfect and the most gorgeous thing ive ever seen!

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