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Wanting to pull himself up, but still standing on tiptoes. Rss

Hi all mums,
Callum has been crawling since just after 6 months, he is now just over 7, and in the last couple of days has been beginning to pull himself up. He can get onto his knees no worries, but when he does manage to get upright he still stands on tiptoes. He does it alot on his little soft couch so not to concerned about him doing it there, its just when he does it on the carpet.
I don't want him to hurt his little feet thats all. Any other mums have this problem? Or any advice, tips or help would be great.

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

hey Jodie,
Xavier has been pulling himself up on furniture for a while now.. he took a week or two to start standing on flat feet but he still often stands on his tip toes.. he mainly does this so he can try and reach things on the coffee table etc. i think it is just a normal part of them growing up. they will eventually learn. we have wooden floors and yes he has had a few bumps and bruises but he is fine. i just say oopsie and give him a cuddle and a kiss then he just takes off and goes through it all again lol.. callum will teach himself as he goes along..

Meagan, Xavier 20-07-05, Jellybean c/s 11-12-06

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