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  5. standing up at 7 mths?? wil she walk early too???

standing up at 7 mths?? wil she walk early too??? Lock Rss

hi all

was just wondering if anybody elses 7 mth baby was pulling themselves up on furniture and laughing about it!!!! my daughter sits up and she started crawling about 2 weeks ago and since then she seems to be pulling herself up and standing, on everything, toy box and rocking chair etc...

does this mean she is going to be walking soon????

i don't think i'm ready for that yet sad she is growing up too fast...


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn


Just to let you know my now 6 year old girl walked at 7 months and it was really hard she never crawled just walked.

It probably would take her a while to take that first step.

I hope it all goes well.

hey Kristie
Kai is 8 months old and has been crawling since 6 months and can pull himself into a standing postion for about 3 weeks now, the other day i was watching him and he let go of the side and was standing my himself!!! I was shocked im not ready for him to walk yet crawling is enough!!!


Hi Kristie,

My 7month old son saw his older cousin pulling herself up on the furniture when she came to stay and now he never sits!!! He can free stand for a little while as well! He's been crawling for a while now, but I guess that's not enough for him - he wants to walk now! He pulls himself up on everything - and furniture surfs around the lounge room! I'm in no hurry for him to walk, once his older brother walked at 11 months he never wanted to go back in the pram!! I don't really want to be chasing two kids around the shops just yet smile !
Hi Kristie,

Not to put a panic in you, but my DD was walking unaided at 7.5 months. She started crawling at 6.5 months, and was walking properly a month later.

Sharon, Kimberley, Jessica, {Angel} & Rebecca

Hi Kristie

My 7 month old Ben has started crawling and pulling himselft up also. He has been sitting up for about 8 weeks. The main benefit I have found is that he is so much happier now he is mobile.

I have read that early crawlers tend to be late's hoping. I agree with you, they just grow up too fast.

Enjoy your baby girl.

Kim & Ben

Mother of 3

my little girl is 8 months today ( yay ) and been crawling for about two weeks and pulling herself up on anything and everything for about a week. I'm just waiting to see when she'll stand unsupported and walk... wow. I remember when she was so tiny and couldnt do anything. Time flies!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Kristie,
My little girl started crawling when she was 6months old and just started pulling herself up into a standing position in the last couple of days, she is now 6months and 3weeks. She loves doing it in her cot and fell straight back hitting her head a couple of times, but she still does it. I now can't get her to go to sleep in her cot, cause she loves this new trick!! She now also gets angry when she does stand up as she can't move around, so I think walking will be the next step and I truly am not ready for it either. I want to keep her as my little baby for a bit longer, but think she's got diff ideas! They are sooo determined, arent' they?

Does anybody know if early walking will cause any problems later on for them??

Joletta,VIC,6mth baby

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