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sitting problems Lock Rss

our son started sitting around 4months old when the CHN advised me to not let him to sit until he could roll.. at around 6months he started sitting properly again.. now at 8.5 months will sit for a short period of time much less than before and will throw himself back. im terrified to leave him sitting unattended incase he hurts his head. is it normal for an 8.5month old to just want to lay and roll around? i feel i shouldnt have listend to the CHN and just let him do what he wanted to do.
Is he crawling? Can he get from sitting onto his tummy forwards? Maybe he can't think of any other way to get from sitting to lying down? I think the CHN advice was good, it is better that babies are not sitting before they are able to by themselves. My bubs (8 mo) did not sit until she could crawl, and get in and out of sitting on her own. Occasionally she still 'falls' backward, but not very often now. Perhaps try to 'teach' him to go forward to go from sitting to tummy.

he used to go forward or sidewards down to his stomach now he just wants to go straight backwards. he can get himself up into sitting position by himself. he comando crawls but latley he just wants to roll everywhere. its like hes developing backwards..
[Edited on 10/03/2009]
What rubbish - my babies all sat completely by themselves at 5months exactely. Two of them didn't roll really until they were 9 months, 1 at 4 months, so what is the problem with sitting?!!! Weird.
(what rubbish) i know thats what i thought! but i was silly enough to listen i guess. anton wanted to sit he was happy sitting, hated being on his tummy so he wasnt a big fan in rolling over..
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