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8mo stands on tippy toes and won't budge! Rss

My 8 mo son stands (while being held) on his tippy toes. It looks like it hurts! He locks his feet into this position and refuses to flatten them out. I've been try to get him to feel what it's like to have his whole foot flat on a surface and doing some gentle exercises to encourage him to not point his feet out. I'm worried he'll walk this way which may present a problem in the future. The MCHN suggested seeing a podiatrist if he showed no signs of letting up. Does anyone have a similar experience they can share?
My DS was showing signs of having potential problems as well. My HCN told me to get rid of the jolly jumper (although he was only in it 10mins a day at the most). I walk my son along the floor. If he is quick he tends to go on his toes but if he is slow he goes flat footed so i just encourage flat footed. He is getting alot better. I have also noticed that now he is crawling that he is improving. I think it is because when crawling there toes are usually on the ground (flat footed) so they are stretching the tendons at the back.

I also push his feet flat to stretch the ligaments and tendons at the back. If your DS does not improve like my DS, don't worry there are things you can do. The main one is take him to a physio before he starts walking. The longer you leave it the harder it is to fix. I know a 12year old boy who still walks on his toes because his mum didn't take him to a physio.

In saying all that if he can walk flat footed than it will most likely fix itself as he is stretching the ligaments and tendons. Just keep encouraging it
we have been pulling DS into a standing positon from sitting and he is starting to stand flat footed. he still stands on his toes some of the time when we hold him up but hopefully by the time he starts pulling himself up he will put his foot flat!

I wouldnt worry.
My daughter was the same she was even walking on her tippy toes. I think she was doing this up until the age of 2 and then started walking flat on her foot. She is now 4 and we have no issues.
My son who is 9months is actaully on his tippy toes now.

Julie, NSW

I wouldn't worry either. My DS, who is now 2&1/2 used to do the same thing and I used to worry how he would learn to walk like that. But he stopped doing it when he started walking and doesn't have any probems now!
were you using a walker?
i was using a jolly jumper for mine; sometimes when i am helping her walk she tries to jump too! lol.

Yes, i was using a jolly jumper and an activity seat he used to sit it. I've since stopped those (a couple of months ago) on the advice on my MCHN.
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