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post natal depression Lock Rss

hi everyone, was just wondering if any one is suffering from post natal depression as i am and would like to know how you are coping
Hi Their,

I started when bubs was 3 months as before that was a perfect baby then she wouldn't sleep or eat we then found out she has reflux. After we had it under control she went back to our perfect baby. I went to see my GP who put me on anti depressants. I am off them now and still have bad days (she is teething really badly and trying to crawl so lots of grumpy days with her) but i am trying to stay calm and happy.
My email/msn is if you every need to talk smile

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

hi Jacquie, luckily i am free from depression this time, but i suffered horribly last time, so much so that it took 7 years for me to get pregnant again.
listen to your doctor, if he/she thinks you still need to be on meds then stay on meds. i stopped my meds 3 times and had bad experiences 3 times. by all means express your wish to stop but do it with advise and support. taking meds dose not make you a bad person or less of a mother it makes you strong, and wise enough to know when you need help, and smart enough to except it. i am proud of you, be proud of your self. yours in empathy Estelle.

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