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vomiting after breastfeeds Lock Rss

Hi to everyone. i have a four month old boy who after everyfed and basically all day is bringing up big amounts of milk.
Just wanting to know if this is happening to your baby and what you do to help it.Im sort of thinking there is something wrong with my milk and may have to start bottle feeding but do not really want to do that.
Because of his constant vomiting all day hes seems to be hungry and only sleeps for 3/4 to 1 hour at a time.He does sleep all night from 7.00pm to 6.30am.


Hi Anna,
When my litte one was 3 months old she did a similar thing, but only vomited small amounts of milk, she was always hungry and ended up not putting on enough weight.
Thank god for my GP he did everything to find the answer and in our case our liitle one had reflux and after a few weeks of zantac she was greatly improved and now at 6 months she only needs it every now and then and very rarley vomits.
I also found the tresillian advise line and the breastfeading association a great help.
Hope this has been a help
good luck, I know how frustrating it is not know what to do!

Hi. My 11 month old boy did this when he was your bub's age. I was advised by the child health nurse that he was what they termed a 'happy chucker', meaning that he would vomit milk after just about every feed, but was happy before and after chucking. I was advised that as he was still putting on weight and that he wasn't screaming in pain due to the vomiting, that the vomiting wasn't a big issue.
If your boy is putting on weight and not seemingly in pain, but you are still worried, it might be worth checking with a doctor though.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Since starting solids at around 5 months, my little boy's vomiting has all but stopped..... (might still have the occasional spit up, but is now a rare event).

Best of luck....

Hi Anna

My baby used to be the same - she would vomit after feeds and would also spit up at other times during the day. It did seem like she was throwing up a lot but was still putting on heaps of weight. I asked the clinic nurse about it and she said that I must have a good milk supply and bubs was being a guts, hence was throwing up the excess milk.

I do have a friend whos baby boy vomited constantly and would also cry after feeds and would be hungry a lot - he was not putting on weight and was diagnosed with reflux. He is on medication now and doing really well.

Perhaps you could have your little boy weighed and if you are concerned take him to the doctor or clinic nurse to be sure that there isn't anything wrong.


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Hi Anna,
sorry to hear about that.
Just asking if he is projectile vomiting or not?.
My son had the same problem, when he was 8 weeks old. He was projectile vomiting after each and every feed anywhere between 1-30minutes after each.
I took him to a doctor who told me to come back in 2 weeks, i wasn't satisfied and got a 2nd opinion. I am so glad i did. He was diagnosed with "pyloric stenosis" which is basically a blockage of the stomach, in other words when the stomach tightens and contracts to push food down into the small intestine it backfires and therefore causes the vomiting. It was fixed surgically. I AM NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU. (just had to get that across) but i would urge you to get it checked out.
Good luck. let me know what happens.
you can email me at [email protected]

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Hi there thanks to everyones input.
I took my baby to the doctor about this and he thought my son might be alurgic to dairy foods so now i have stop eating and drinks dairy he hardly ever brings up his milk.
It is hard though i love my cornflakes and milk for breackfast and soy milk is discusting


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