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Day light savings threw us off!!! Lock Rss

has day light savings upset any other babies routines??
we had a routine before that i thought was pretty good 8am-8pm with two decent sleeps during the day, along came daylight savings and now we are up and ready for the day mostly 7-7:30 a mingy nap mid morning and aimee(5mths) thinks shes fine for the rest of the day but come 5 half 5 and she starts to settle down for the night, bath time and everything has gone out the window, how can i establish this back?? is it daylight savings or is my baby just determine to trow me off lol???
hi i read your note and laughed!! i had the same problem with my first. the most important thing to remember is baby's cant tell time!! (no i don't think your stupid) if you keep your routine but rember that baby still thinks its an hour later and gradually change to suit the new time table you will be fine. 7 to 7 is still reasonable (depending on your lifestyle) now that she is disrupted it may be more difficult to reinforce a good routine but i think going back to pre daylight savings will be reasonably easy, and if you still want 8 to 8 start again from there.

jessies mum

yep just do the waking her up 15 mins later then puting her to bed 15 mins later each night till you get to 8pm.then when daylight savings hits and we put our clocks back my bub still wakes a 7 and goes to bed at 7..
i really do think this is the best time for bubs to be up and going to bed
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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