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Low Weight Gain Lock Rss

My now 4.5mth DS weighed 7.5kgs two weeks ago. I have weighed him again today and he now weighs 7.55kg a gain of only 50grms in 2 weeks. Should I be worried. He does not appear to be hungry any more than normal and is doing plenty of wet and dirty nappies and his feeding pattern has not changed.
I know that they say the average is 100 to 150grms per week for a fully breast fed baby - which he is.
Should I be concerned about the low gain? He is not rolling yet but is very active on the ground and I wonder if this is part of it.
Any advice would be appreciated.
I would keep monitoring but no need for concern. There are many reasons why bubs may not have put on so much weight ie. growth spurt/more active. As you have said the nappies are fine & that is the indication of the digestive system working properly.

My son had a growth spurt around 8ish months and lost a little over a 2 week period and has slowed down in the amount of weight gain due to crawling since then. So activity can plateau them a little. I think it becomes a problem if they drop multiple percentile bands at a time.
Is he following the growth curve on the growth charts? You will notice they slow down around that age as their weight gain isn't as rapid as when they were younger.

I wouldn't worry. If he is active, happy and feeding/sleeping well. That's all that matters.

Best Wishes

I have also had this problem of low weight gain with my DD. Unfortunately one time she had an undiagnosed bladder infection which was stopping her from gaining weight. Since then she has been tested numerous times, but it has never recurred. The only sign she was unwell was low weight gain. My friend's child had the same problem due to a low grade chest infection. Maybe get him checked at your GP?

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