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my DS is just over 4 months and eager to get moving (I can wait), but I am wondering how this sitting thing is meant to happen, she looks as though she's ready to crawl not sit. I do prop her up and she likes to sit but what wil she do leading up to her sitting on her own and getting into the sitting position on her own? Please tell me your experiences.
My DS who is now 2 crawled before he could sit unaided. He crawled at 8 months and then learnt to sit after that. My health nurse said you shouldn't teach them to sit as they will learn in their own way. 4 months is quite early to be sitting up or crawling too...
I agree with not propping a baby to sit up before they can sit independently. My bubs could crawl before she could sit, and she could move between lying and sitting and crawling without help. I think tummy time is the best thing to help them develop and learn to crawl. Also they get plenty of sitting practice in their pram, on your knee and in car seats etc, without sitting on the floor as well.

thanks for the reassurance. By propping I mean on my lap and in the pram. She is now approaching 5 months and on her hands and knees rocking back and forth. She really wants to get a move on. I won't worry about the sitting and juct let it all happen as it happens. That's all I can do anyway. Though I'd really love for her to stay stationary at least until I finish unpacking from the move. Thanks again for the responses
My DD is 5 months & has been sitting on her own since 4 months. I did nothing. She was just laying on her back one day & i turned away for a second & there she was, sitting up on her own. She was a lil wobbly at first so I made sure there were always pillows round but now shes fine. I've been told that it was really early, but they just seem to do it when they want : )
My DD is 7.5months and shes been rocking etc since 5 months but has given up trying to "properly" crawl, shes happy with just commando crawl lol. She's been sitting unaided since about 6 months. I didn't prop her up or anything, she just learnt it herself and within 2 weeks she had mastered it.

My nurse also says not to prop the babies up because babies who tend to be "forced" to learn how to sit up don't learn to crawl as easy.

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