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not bearing weight on legs... Lock Rss

My 5mth 1week old doesnt bear ANY weight on her legs, it's like she doesnt even know they are there. She will kick out if lying down, I took her to the community baby clinic today and she said that although she should be doing this to leave it til she's 6mths and if she still not doing it she'll be referred to the physio. She was suspected of clicky hip at birth but that was all fine and she had very stiff legs for the first 3mths but they seem better too.
Has anyone else a bub like this, Am starting to think I should be worried... Maybe she's just a lazy baby, she is SO happy all the time and just lays around watching everyone else in the family. Any ideas??

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Hey there. My man is 4 half months and he is the same. He kicks alot and will kick off the end of the bath and slide up but the only time he will put weight on them is when he has a tantrum. He will arch his back and go stiff everywhere and then he will hold his weight thats all. He is also quite a big boy too. weight about 8.2 kgs. Im guessing they are just lazy.
Hi there,

It is awful when you are worried about bubs and you don't know what to do. Everyone you ask says something different - some say don't worry, others say you should check it out. I think you should check out things that are worrying you. It sounds like a series of little nagging things about bub's legs have been going on - too stiff, possible clicky hips, now not weight bearing, your GP may be able to help you decide if it is worth looking into or not. Maybe take her to your GP for her 6 mo needles, and get her checked at the same time. Can't hurt, might be helpful, even just to ease your mind.

hello, i dont think i would worry. i have friend whose baby didnt no that she had feet either till maybe about 11 months, she is now crawling and all is fine. the plunket nurse never worried about it either. maybe try some different activites with her that involves her feet and legs. im sure she is ok.
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