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Separation Anxiety!!!! Lock Rss

It has not been an easy road with my 6 month old, Rachel, due to a kidney op and being in hospital another 2 times due to urinary infections. BUT...since coming out of hospital last week her clinginess has been worse! Before hospital she was a bit clingy and I could put her on the floor, but didn't like it when I went to the other side of the room. Now on the floor she'll cry and won't stop til I pick her up. My ECH nurse said to leave her for a short period so she can get used to amusing herself, when I'm in another room keep talking to her and to put her in the pram when she gets really unsettled and screams, but has anyone got any other suggestions to help her overcome this? I also have a 2 yo who needs my attention and Rachel is driving me NUTS!!! Any suggestion will be tried! Angela.

Angela, NSW

Hi cookyboy

My daughter is quite clingy too. I carry her around so much im starting to get arnold schwarzeneger arms! I have found the best thing is to always let her see me do the housework(just sit her right next to me). One thing that has reallly helped is the jolly jumper, she just loves it and its hard to get her out of it! Does Rachel like TV yet? I know it sounds awful to plonk them in front of the TV, but 15 mins here and there does them no harm. My daughter loves Hi 5 and playschool already and she is only 7 months old. Im sure soon it will get better once they are up and crawling around anyway. You wont be able to keep them close to you after then!
Hi Cookyboy,

I have no answers for you sorry, but my son has taken on this overwhelming desire for his father.

Yeah for me, he can't understand why i am giggling so much. If hubby is home, my son will not eat with me, feeding him. He really chucks a tantrum with tears and all. I am hoping it is all a stage, as when dad left for work tonight, he chucked a tantrum again but then let me feed him.

He has been chasing dad around all day, it's such a relief for me as i also too, have twice the muscles on my left side, where i carry him.

Sorry for no help, but your daughter is not alone!

Is she interested in food?? Maybe you could put her in the high chair with finger food.




DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks, Lara and Tepe, to responding to my post. Yep, I think I'm building up those left arm (and hip!) muscles, too. Although Rachel still gets whingy after a time or might start crying a little when I leave the room, she'll eventually stop. It has been a lot better the last few days, I could leave her happily playing on the floor for 15-20 mins while I do other stuff. However, yesterday and today she's regressed a little bit (but still not as bad as she was), but I'm putting it down to 2 possibilities; I started to carry her around again (naughty mummy!) and her paediatrician has suggested reducing her dose of Zantac, which she's been on since 8 weeks. I have noticed, that she does like to look at the TV for very short periods, but seems more interested in the toys I leave for her to reach. I've also noticed that when she does get whingy, she likes to sit up supported between my legs (which are in a V-shape) and play with her Fisher Price Sit and Pound Arcade. Unfortunately, I don't have a Jolly Jumper as I've been told they're good (and I can't afford one right now), but she does like to sit in her baby rocker seat with the blinds open while she watches the wind blow the leaves on the tree. She's not yet steady enough to sit in a high chair to try finger food, but she loves putting toys in her mouth. When's a good age to start finger food?

Angela, NSW

Just in short how old is rachel. What is zantec for ?
Finger food from 7-8 months very soft potato a good start well thats what I did. Im not sure how old your baby is

Janine WA 16mth boy

Hi Janine. Rachel is now 7 months old. She has been on Zantac since she was 8 weeks old. Zantac is for reflux. Before being on it, she would wake up every 20 minutes during the day (and initially at night!!!!), resulting in one very tired bubs. Thanks for your suggestions with finger food. When I went to the ECH nurse last week, she suggested that Rachel be tried with some finger foods. So I've given her some toast with just a scraping of vegemite and butter (she LOVES it!!!!), and the occasional Heinz vegetable rusk. She prefers the toast, though. As for other foods, I puree meat and vegies and freeze them into icecubes, and occasionally throw in the little bit of tinned baby food.

Angela, NSW

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